'Uncharted 3 Movierulz' Watch: Uncharted 2022 Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyright'Uncharted 3 Movierulz' Watch: Uncharted 2022 Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

'Uncharted 3 Movierulz' Watch: Uncharted 2022 Hollywood Full Movie Spoiler Free Review in 3Movierulz

Uncharted finally offers us an adaptation worthy of a video game to the big screen. A film that, even with its faults, succeeds in coming out of many difficult undertakings. And it is that my pulse does not tremble when I affirm that we are facing the most successful and pure generational change of the eternal Doctor Jones.

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The story of the Uncharted movie does not directly adapt the events of either game. It uses some sequences, situations, and places, mainly from the third and fourth installments, to tell us a story of origins different from the one we could see on our consoles; specifically, we will see how Nathan and Sully meet, while facing their first mission together following in the wake of Sam, the brother of our protagonist. Here we find what I consider to be one of the main triumphs of the film: it can achieve a good adaptation by mixing many elements of the franchise's mythology, altering key events, but still giving a product that is faithful to the brand and its characters.

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The film begins during the youth of Sam and Nathan, at which point they must separate after several failed robbery attempts. Sam must run away from the foster home where they live, but not before leaving Nathan his most precious possession: an ancient ring, a direct inheritance from Sir Francis Drake, one of the most famous pirates and explorers of all time. The inscription that can be read on it, Sic Parvis Magna, is the motto that will guide Nathan's life... although 15 years after this separation from the brothers, we find him working as a waiter in a London bar, living in a dark flat and taking advantage of the ingenuity of his customers to commit petty theft. His skill doesn't go unnoticed by Sully, a mysterious stranger who offers him the heist of a lifetime: discover the lost treasure of Ferdinand Magellan. As if that were not enough, Sully claims to know Sam, Nathan's long-lost brother, who is the one who started this adventure. Hoping to find him at the end of the road, our protagonist embarks with Sully on an adventure as dangerous as it is spectacular. Crossing the path of our anti-heroes will be Mr. Moncada, a cold and evil millionaire played by Antonio Banderas, and Braddock, his lethal henchman; they all seek the same treasure and will do whatever it takes to get it.

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It is not easy to make a good adaptation of a video game as successful as Uncharted, but we must admit that it is an IP with more facilities than others since its origin lies in adventure films; specifically, he took a lot of inspiration from the character of Indiana Jones. Uncharted was born as the Indiana Jones of video games, and I have no doubt that this film can mean for new generations what the legendary character of Harrison Ford does for many of us.

Uncharted touches all the sticks of a good adventure movie in the right way: it is entertaining, agile, there is a lot of variety in its locations, the characters are charismatic, it combines action and humor in the right measure, it also has its good dose of ancient ruins conveniently mechanized… its almost two hours of duration are used to the maximum, they are not long at all and it does not feel stretched at any time.

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Of course, a film of these characteristics also has to enter through the eyes and ears, something that it achieves without problems. The camera shows the action and the characters clearly at all times, although it seemed to me that it lacked care when dealing with its locations. That fascination with adventure movies, which is recreated together with the viewer with the discoveries of the protagonists, here is in second place in favor of the agility of the film, but it also makes us fewer participants in the progression of the heroes, the magnitude of their achievements and the magnificence of their settings. As with the image, it has

missed seeing Nathan's passion for discoveries in the interpretation that Holland gives us. He is a good Drake, there is no doubt about that, but for plot reasons, he always seems much more dedicated when it comes to his brother than enjoying the wonders he witnesses. The scenes in which Nathan explains his findings to us in the video games, with that almost childish tone of illusion in his voice, are some of my favorite moments, and here I have missed seeing that spark of enthusiasm for the story.

The special effects are very well implemented, and many of his action scenes have benefited greatly from being shot more physically than usual in the genre lately. Obviously, there is a lot of CGI, but the film has required the actors to give the maximum on a physical level in many set pieces that have used a large number of real elements; for example, the spectacular scenery of the boxes and the plane, a hallmark of the series in video games and now in the cinema, took five weeks to complete due to the complexity of its shooting. The fights, although short and less abundant than I would have liked, have agile, impressive choreography, and a steady hand. Tom Holland showcases Nathan's rough and tumble style in video games mixed with parkour jumps and dashes; just like his digital double, poor Tom will also take his share in the form of bumps and falls. He has managed to imitate the character's movements very well, having postures such as climbing or jumping that are identical to those shown by Drake in video games. The rest of the characters are solvent in the dialogues and effective in the fights, they all do a very good job.

Perhaps where I have missed a greater forcefulness has been in music. Except for a specific moment at the end of the film, in general, the soundtrack has not seemed to me to have highlighted or extolled certain moments where it should have had more presence.

As for the tone of the film, Uncharted is presented as a milder adventure than what its director, Ruben Fleischer, has accustomed us to, who in films like Venom or Welcome to Zombieland has always tended to excess in humor and action. Uncharted is a product more oriented for all audiences, even with its violence and some wacko than another, just like the video games on which it is based.

As a curiosity, there are many easter eggs throughout the film, especially aimed at fans of the franchise. Not only in terms of action scenes and sections copied from the games, but also in terms of clothing and weapon choices, which will delight fans. The second post-credit scene is a true gift at all levels in terms of details, capable of convincing the most skeptical of the film and leaving those of us who liked it wanting more.

Uncharted is a success in almost everything it sets out to do, being a good adaptation of the Naughty Dog video games, a hopeful start to a film franchise, and a good representation of the characters that have accompanied us for so many years. The choice of actors ends up being revealed in the end as a success; Even with some unmemorable villains, they do have moments of great presence and offer the right challenge to the protagonists.

Not only is it a great traditional adventure movie, but it sets up an interesting origin for Nathan and Sully, as well as excellently showing the birth of their relationship and Drake's gradual transformation, throughout the film and through little episodes. details, into the legendary treasure hunter he is destined to become. A film that adopts, like its protagonists, the Sic Parvis Magna as its leitmotif and perfect definition of what it achieves.


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