Khiladi 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightKhiladi 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz


'Mahatma Gandhi' was a simple man who lived a normal life with his family. Unexpectedly in his life, he gets jailed for a ten thousand crore rupees scam. Meenakshi Chaudhary a psychology student tries to get him out of jail. 'Gandhi' comes out of jail but gives a mind-blowing twist to everyone upon his arrival. How can he still be caught up in that scam? To know the answer to the question of what he has to do with Dimple Hayati means to watch this movie on the silver screen.

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Special mention should be made of the attempt made by 'Mass Maharaj' in this film, although he has done dual roles in the past, his attempt in this film seems a bit new and interesting. Moreover, 'Ravi Teja' also projected it as solid and energetic. However in the action sequences but all of his attitude makeovers look impressive from 'Ravi Teja' in this movie. In total, 'Ravi Teja gave The Best Work to him in two variations.

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It must be said that the other cast in the film also got a good scope. First of all the heroine Dimple is said to be for Hayati though .. it has to be said that her glam show is a blast in the movie. In some places, she looks decent and beautiful and in others, she impresses with her glam show. Also, the chemistry with Ravi Teja was a workout from him.

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Meenakshi, another heroine, also got a good scope in the film. It appears in the key role itself from the beginning. She completed it impressively. Apart from that, her glam show is also impressive in the movie. She provides good entertainment with new modulation even though Anasuya Patra is limited.

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Also, Moonlight Kishore, Murali Sharma, and others have done justice to their roles. Another highlight of the film is for Arjun Sarja. Looks solid in his role as a serious cop. Along with these, the occasional comedy, interval twists, and bangs seen in the film are the highlights of the film.

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There are some key scenes between Ravi Teja and Arjun which also do not seem to be so well established. The climax of the finale seems to be a question mark. Everything turns out to be so so it feels silly. Teasing a sequel means the screenplay in that range should be set to climax but it seems to be completely missed.

Ravi Teja has been planning this film from the beginning with high-end values ​​in his career. However, it looks the same on a visual level as well. You can enjoy good visuals for less than the cost incurred by the producers. The first highlight of the technical team was the music given by Devisree Prasad. The songs he gave seem to be more hit visually as well as his stylish background score also elevates the movie further. Also, the cinematography of Sujit Vasudev and GK Vishnu is good. Editing should be better.

When it comes to director Ramesh Verma. I must say that Ramesh Verma was not fully impressed in terms of his direction. Never mind until the first half but his taking in the second half seems to have completely lost balance. Disappointing to show his narration in a way that does not connect to the original concept without any seriousness. The approach revealed by some twists is good but overall there is not much excitement in his direction. Even the climax did not elevate itself so strongly.

the expectations of "Khiladi" do not seem to match. Heroines glam shows including Ravi Teja performances Some action sequences give pre-intervals a good treat. But there is a direction error in the second half and climax which is crucial for the film. This caused some damage to the source. Leaving these aside, "Khiladi" is a movie that Ravi Teja fans will love but it is a movie that can be seen strictly by the rest of the audience at once.


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