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Sankranthi festival is a time when children and adults alike stay at home happily together. Nagarjuna made a film in 2016 titled 'Soggade Chinni Nayana' which is a must-watch movie for everyone. Among the films released by Sankranthi, Nagarjuna not only made a name for himself as a family entertainer movie but also became the highest grosser of his career. Naga Chaitanya became the companion of Nagarjuna in Bangarraju who came to continue with it. Seeing their combination after death is something that Akkineni fans and movie lovers will be happy with. Let's go into the story of the movie to know how Nagarjuna as Bangarraju and Naga Chaitanya as Chinna Bangarraju impressed the audience.

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Four robbers enter a Shiva temple in Sivapuram village and try to plunder the Shivalinga there for hidden treasures. However, the cobra that protects the wave katesi kills them. A few years later he died and a son was born to Ramu, the son of Bangarraju (Nagarjuna Akkineni) who was in heaven. Ramu's wife Sita dies. In memory of his father, Ramu named his son Bangarraju. Sr. Bangarraju is happy with Rambha, Urvashi, and Menaka in heaven. Junior Bangarraju (Naga Chaitanya) with his grandfather Buddha flirts with all the girls and leads a happy life. Publicity madness for junior Bangarraju Maradilu Nagalakshmi (Kriti Shetty). That is why she will unanimously become president. Bangarraju and Naga Lakshmi did not suffer at all. Will be knocked down if confronted.

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Sattemma wants to marry them. She also does one day period. Go to heaven and catch the big gold king. Sattemme wants the young Bangarraju to go under the poor Bangarraju to unite Nagalakshmi. At the same time, the poor Bangaraja decides to send his soul to earth to protect the Shiva temple at Sivapuram. Swami comes to earth with a big golden king for work and self. Chinna Bangarraju tries to unite Naga Lakshmi. At the same time, the big gold king realizes that someone is trying to kill the young gold king. Who wanted to kill the original Bangaraju? Why? Did the poor gold king save the young gold king? Or not? You have to watch the movie to know the things.


Nagarjuna said that Bangarraju made the film to provide a simple film for everyone for the Sankranti festival and that everyone should enjoy it. Bangaraju continues to be as smooth as ever. The film opens with a small twist at the beginning. From there, Nagarjuna's entry, flirting with the girls .. the Laddunda song with the goddesses are all well-liked by the fans. From there comes the character of Naga Chaitanya character Chinna Bangarraju. The father is somewhere abroad... The son suffers by keeping that pain in his mind... The character seems to be happy without the pain is over the top. However, the role was elevated to a lesser degree to the grandfather in flirting with the girls. Some scenes are fun and colorful.

The work attempts to portray Shetty as a girl with a bit of publicity madness. The love track between the characters is not very impressive. If it feels okay. Wanting to seize the Shiva temples for the villains' treasure .. Fastoff goes on with the Bangaraju action scenes. The original story is in the second half. Nagarjuna's character, who knows that the villains want to kill Bangarraju for the temple, tries to save his own mansion. The difficulties he faces in it... Thus the intricacies of the story come and go. In the end, it is not known who actually wants to kill Bangarraju. The story ends with the scenes where Bangarraju villains are scared. Attempts were made to add some emotional elements in the second half. The big gold king... The work done to enhance the image of the small gold king will impress the action audience. Kodaly... The dialogues in the context of telling about the respect to be given to aunt and uncle are impressive. As well as Naga Chaitanya, Nagarjuna Action Elements... The track made with poor Bangaraju while rescuing a small child from a bull in the garden all captivates the audience.

When it comes to the cast, Nagarjuna and Naga Chaitanya carry on their roles wonderfully. The highlighting of Nagarjuna's character seems to be striking. Anoop songs are good. Laddunda's song, a Special song by Faria Abdullah will impress the audience. Ramakrishna played the role of Sattemma energetically. The director took care not to diminish the sharpness in her character. And Kriti Shetty .. tried to excel in the role of Naga Lakshmi. Nagarjuna, however, mostly revolved around Chaitanya and did not appear on screen as she had given her character the scope she had hoped for. Ika Rao Ramesh, Vennela Kishore, Brahmaji, Jhansi, and others in their respective roles Nicely played in.

Director Kalyan Krishna has tried to direct the film in the same pattern as 'Soggade Chinni Nayana'. This time the elements of violinist and action are mixed in the story a bit more. Wrong... When there were two heroes, the fans' expectations were kept in mind. If you do not find the logic in the story of Kalyan Krishna, you can watch the movie cool. No over emotions, no dragging scenes. A movie that goes so smoothly. The twists and turns in the story are imaginative. Comedy is okay.


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