'DJ Tillu 3 Movierulz' - DJ Tillu 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyright'DJ Tillu 3 Movierulz' - DJ Tillu 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz


'Bala Gangadhar Tilak' alias DJ Tillu is a middle class boy. But life expectations are in the high range. Works as a DJ. It was during this sequence that he fell in love with the professional singer 'Radhika'. However, she accidentally gets caught in a murder case. How did DJ Tillu help Radhika get out of trouble at that time ?, Why was Radhika trapped in the original murder case ?, Who was implicated is the real story !.

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Chill-looking movies are coming more and more in recent times. Even if the story is not there, the directors want to make a comedy and send it for a while. 'Jathi Ratnalu' is one such film. Now 'DJ Tillu' is a story that came in a similar format. The film starts as Hilarious and then Fastoff continues at the same pace. DJ Tillu would have been a blockbuster if the second half had shown the same intensity. It would be nice if we could focus more on the intended point. 'Sidhu and team' is designed to be a comedy but not much workout in terms of story. If not, then the performance of the hero 'Sidhu' is a big plus for the film. The characterization of 'Sidhu Jonnalagadda' in particular is very good.

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After falling in love with the heroine, the hero finds out some facts about her. From there, the hero suspects the heroine. The real problems start from there. All of this is well designed. However, the second half of 'DJ Tillu', which was a full entertaining ride only up to Fastoff, was very heavy. On the other hand, the romantic scenes in the movie are also good. On the other hand, Sidhu's comedy timing is also a plus for this film. He spoke the Telangana dialect wonderfully. After Sidhu learns some facts about the heroine, it seems that he can make it even more fun. But director 'Vimal Krishna' remained within the limits.

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'Sidhu Jonnalagadda' was a one-man show throughout the film. Sidhu laughed with his Telangana dialogues. The performance was also insane. Over is the story he wrote. Sidhu transcended the character as the screenplay. Neha Shetty also acted very well. In other words, it also dominated the hero in some scenes. On the other hand Prince, Brahmaji, Narra Srinivas .. all did justice to their respective roles.

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Sri Charan Pakala music is good. DJ Tillu is the title song though. The dance is also super. The song was composed and sung by Ram Miriala. No editing is required. The cinematography is good. No story. It would have been nice if the screenplay was more armored. Director Vimal Krishna did well to the best of his ability. But interest in the crucial second-off film waned. Being a movie of just 1.55 hours is going to be a plus for this.


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