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Prabhas bahubali later came to the list of Pan India hero. In the future, the rebel star does not seem to be less than 150 crores. Casting should also be a huge amount of film, as it should be completely pan-India films. Recently, Prabhas has selected Deepika Padukone for the 21st film. But she does not have some difficulties in the future for the film unit.

The budget is never before 
Prabhas is acting for the first time in The Vaijayanti Movies banner, so it is not necessary to say that the film is at the level of the film. Clarity has come up that the budget will be more than ever before. Director Nag Ashwin is likely to spend more than 350 crores.

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The dose of expectations has increased 
Bollywood star heroine like Deepika has increased the dose of expectations on the film. But the conditions that she put before the film is all about. First, the producer has shown the dots at the remuneration. The talk came up that he was demanding remuneration as Prabhas.

30 crore demand 
Prabhas Remuneration is now over 50 crores. Deepika also demanded 30 crores as it is very difficult to give it to the range. But the company is expert in setting up the Vyjayanthi Movies deals and it seems that the deal has been set within 25 crores.

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The effect is on Prabhas 
After agreeing to the remuneration, she has made a very strong decision about calculations. The dates are given to him when the films are currently in hand. The effect seems to have fallen on Prabhas.

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When she can 
Usually, the hero dates are adjusted by the rest of the dates. Prabhas should now work for the 21st film, which means that Deepika will have to work whenever available. That is, she has to be able to shoot the film.


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