Saaho Movie Review: Fans Crying after watching Saaho movie

copyrightSaaho Movie Review: Fans Crying after watching Saaho movie

For a long time Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor's film 'Saaho' is awaiting release. The film has been released lastly. The film is said to be one of the most expensive Bollywood films of all time. Adorned with vigorous action sequences and a long-running star cast, the story of this film is full of twist and turn and you will see many villains in front of the hero.

Story: As the film's trailer itself shows, the character of Prabhas in 'Saaho' destroys the entire empire of Villan. The film's story begins with a major robbery in Mumbai. Looking for a black box that holds the key to everyone's luck. After this, the story connects and connects with many cities.

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Review: The action starts in the first half of the film. Prabhas's screen presence starts from the beginning. Though Prabhas looks fit in this role you will not see his 'Bahubali' charm in the film. His dialogue delivery in the film is quite slow and perhaps deliberately kept as Prabhas's character has been made mysterious, which people keep guessing. Shraddha Kapoor is glamorous in the film but her character is not well written. Instead of showing them a strong coop, they are made a weak link that the hero has to rescue again and again. You will find something missing even in the chemistry between Prabhas and Shraddha.

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As far as Villan is concerned, Chunky Pandey will definitely impress you. The rest of Villan's characters are written very lightly. The music of the film is good but the songs are misplaced in the story which makes this long film even longer. You may like the action scenes of the film, but somewhere you will not see the special effects as fine as they should be. If seen, director Sujit has lost a good chance due to the film's weak storyline and week direction.


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