Before the USA: New German Release Date for Tenet Movie is now fixed - 3Movierulz

copyrightBefore the USA: New German Release Date for Tenet Movie is now fixed - 3Movierulz

We have already reported about it, now Warner Bros. has made it quite official: Christopher Nolan's "Tenet" will no longer start at the same time worldwide. In Europe it will be ready in August, the Americans still have to wait.

In some cinemas the new German release date of "Tenet" is already being advertised, we have already reported about it - now Warner Bros. has confirmed this date and has announced that the film will only be released in the USA afterward.

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In Germany, Tenet Movie will be released on August 27, 2020.

Because big blockbusters are coming to the cinemas as soon as possible is extremely important for their survival. In the United States, most cinemas are closed due to rising corona infections. But in large parts of the world, including Europe, they are open and urgently need new audience magnets on the screens.

It now seems to have arrived in Hollywood that waiting for cinemas that are open worldwide at the same time to start films globally could lead to starvation in the cinemas that are already open. It was already apparent after the latest change in the launch of "Tenet", now Warner has really taken this step: Christopher Nolan's new film starts earlier in large parts of the world than in his home country the USA.

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So while we will see “Tenet” at the end of August, it will only be seen in the United States in September at the earliest.


There is still no nationwide launch date for the USA. The current goal is to have the film start there in selected cities for the long Labor Day weekend, to show “Tenet” from September 3rd or 4th, and then slowly expand the performances nationwide - if the situation permits.

Which cities that will be is still open. Films with such pre-limited starts usually start in Los Angeles and New York before being rolled out nationwide, but these metropolises are currently extremely affected by the pandemic.

Incidentally, no launch date has yet been set for China, although the film should start there. As of the last week in August, 70 countries will receive “Tenet” for this - in addition to most European countries, these include Australia, Canada, Japan, and Russia. The dates are different and last until September.


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