Watch: RGV's Power Star Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: RGV's Power Star Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: July 25, 2020

3Movierulz Rating: 2.25/5

Lead Cast: Pravan Kalyan

Director: RGV

Music Director: DSR

Cinematography: Joshi

The movie has been released today. In the review, we will see how the film was released in RGV world theater between many controversies.


After the general election, Mana Sena party chief Pravan Kalyan is a bad loser. Pravan Kalyan is under immense pressure to cope with a lot of failures. In that order, he is in a dilemma over his political future. When a person is in the dilemma of whether to continue in politics or leave, a person enters the scene. Who is that guy? Why did he meet Pravan Kalyan? What are the suggestions are given to Pravan by the person? is the rest of the story.

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Plus Points:

Everyone thought that Ram Gopal Varma would hurt Pawan Kalyan's personality through this film. But there is no such personal attack in this film. After the election results, Pravan Kalyan, a star-cum-politician, reported mental pain. Pravan Kalyan's role has been given to him by the job.

Pravan Kalyan is the way some people use the image for their own selfishness, how he missed him, and caused a terrible defeat. RGV has done a role in this movie His performance is as good as it is.

RGV has been told that pravan kalyan is misleading and the failures are causing him. Verma's constructive criticism is good.

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Minus points:

Varma has shown some real-life characters in this movie at a slightly negative angle. It may not like their fans for a class. Some scenes are very horse-racked.

If this movie is a big political satire, it is wrong... There are no satires at the level of the trailer. Pravan Kalyan is the role of the dependent. In every case, a section of the audience may not like to say that he listens to the side.

As always, Varma showed everything in the trailer. So there is nothing new to see in the 40-minute film. It is also the main minus in the film.

Technical Section:

The camera performance is good. Dialogues are impressive. The construction values are as if they were okay. Editing is good. Through this film, RGV has tried to prove that I am not against Pawan Kalyan.


After losing the power star movie elections, Pravan Kalyan is a short film that tells the mental pain of the man. But as everyone thought, the film is not a satirical movie on the personal and political life of Pawan Kalyan. Pravan Kalyan, who is a good character, has been misled by some people for their own selfishness. Many people may not like things like some of The Satires and the way Verma himself faces the role of Pravan Kalyan. The view may vary from viewpoint to viewers who have different shades. But Varma seems to be compared to the previous films.


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