Watch: Paranna Jeevi Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Paranna Jeevi Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release date: July 25th, 2020 Rating: 1.75/5

Lead Cast: Shakalaka Shankar, Katti Mahesh, Laxman, Lahari, Jasmine

Director: Dr Nutan Naidu

Screenplay: Dr. Nutan Naidu

Producer: CS

RGV elevated the personality of the new Naidu 'paranna jeevi' a movie. Famous comedian Shakalaka Shankar played RGV. The film is available in 'Shreyas ET Up'. Let's see how this film is in the review.

Story :

RGV (Shakalashankar) is a heroine of the beautiful girls who use the physical lyrics He behaves without even the minimum values. RGV assistant Mahesh (Laxman) is angry with RGV but he works with him. Producer Shekhar (Katti Mahesh) wants to make a film with RGV. But RGV says that he will make a biopic on Pawan Kalyan, telling him what he does without any idea. The rest of the story is how Pawan Kalyan fans have told RGV.

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Plus Points :

Shakalaka Shankar, who played the RGV in the film, was very impressed by acting. RGV timing is very impressive. Lahari and Jasmine are also okay in the roles of heroine. They tried hard to act in some way, even though they did not have the opportunity to perform their performance.

Katti Mahesh and Laxman have been in one or two scenes with their comedy timing. RGV's dialogues and his nature are okay. The rest of the actors who appeared in the film also did not have much trouble with unnecessary expressions to the extent of their role.

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Minus Points:

There is nothing to say in this film. What is not going to be an introduction. After watching the film He went on to write many scenes in the film, writing as he wanted to be angry with RGV. Most of the film is enough to say that RGV is using girls. Also, there is one unnecessary scene.

The director ran the film with unpleasing scenes and an unpleasing comedy. The audience is a little embarrassed. Even though the RGV is trying to get something angry The audience is discouraging the film. But it seems that the film is not clear about any film on RGV.

Technical Department :

Director Nutan Naidu's script is not good at all. Also, the screen could not be properly executed. And the script he wrote does not seem to be much more than the storytelling. The songs provided by the music director are very impressive for Pawan fans. The background music was the same as the film. The editor and director went editing according to the taste. Cameraman camera performance seems to be okay in some scenes. The production values are in line with the film.

Verdict :

The film criticism of RGV's personality is not impressive It's discouraging. Shakalashankar impressed with his performance The film does not impress because of the lack of interest and clarity in the film's storytelling, as well as the convenience but treatment, and the play that is not interesting. Pawan Fans are also not completely impressed


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