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copyrightEureka Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: March 13, 2020 Rating: 2/5

Cast: Karthik Anand, Munna, Shalini Wadnakkathi, Dimple Hayati, Brahmaji, Raghubabu etc ..

Directed by: Karthik Anand

Producers: Prashant Kumar Grandfather, Lalitha Kumari b

Music: Naresh Kumaran

Cinematographer: NB Viswanath

Editor: Gary BH, Anil Kumar P

Starring Karthik Anand, Dimple Hayati, Syed, Sohail Ryan, Shalini, the film stars Eureka. Directed by Karthik Anand, the movie is released today. And let's take a look at this movie in a review.

The story:
In college, there is a hegemonic battle between young (Karthik Anand) and Revant (Munna). Frequently there are fights between the gangs. On the anniversary of the college, the confrontation between them. After some dramatic developments, the story takes a heavy twist. What a twist How did the story of the young, Revant end? It is the rest of the story.

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Plus Points:
The interval twist is a highlight of the film. The scene feels good and goes well without the audience's imagination. The suspense scenes in the second half were impressive.

The screen presence of Karthik Anand and Munna as heroes is great. Karthik Anand's makeover and look in particular are great.

Shalini and Dimple Hayati are acting as heroines. While Shalini has played a key role in the story, Dimple Hayati Munna's girlfriend role seems to be the cutest. Brahmaji Roll as a college professor made a laugh on the screen. Actor Raghu Babu and bridal gown fame Ajayi have performed well in their roles.

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Although the second half seemed to have little to do with the first half, it did have some logic. Hiding the dead body in the college office belongs to that category.

No longer a full-blown romance with a college-backdrop story, Josh Full Songs, but a lack of fun romance between Lead Pair.

The cinematic twist up to the interval of the film goes flat without any interesting elements. Due to the lack of strong conflict between the characters in the story, the viewer is not seriously invulnerable in the film.

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Technical Section:
Karthik Anand, who had two roles as a hero and director, was not a complete success. Despite the scope of telling the story he chose, he was not able to make good use of the opportunity. The screenplay he wrote was not interesting.

The music was good, especially the Beijm, which attracted many scenes. Editing is not impressive. In the first half, a few scenes were cut. The camera performance is poor. The production values ​​are down to a small cinematic level.

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All in all, this film, which stretches around O Murder Mystery .. was impressed with some scenes in the second half. However, the lack of minimal intensity in most scenes, along with the boring play, is diluting the audience's interest in the film. Overall the film is not impressive.


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