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On March 6 Bloodshot, the new film starring Vin Diesel under the direction of David SF Wilson will face his first feature film after having directed the episode of The Sonnie Advantage of the series Love, Death & Robots. We have already had the opportunity to see this movie thanks to Sony Pictures and we have prepared our particular review of Bloodshot to tell you what we have found.

Soldier of the future

In Bloodshot, Vin Diesel plays Ray Garrison, an American soldier who falls in combat and is brought back to life thanks to RST corporation nanotechnology. 

The nanobots introduced into his blood endow Ray Garrison with extreme strength and grant him supernatural abilities that allow him to regenerate at an extraordinary rate, thus becoming the superhero that gives its name to the film and the Valiant comic on which it is based. Aware of his power, Bloodshot decides to take revenge on the man who ended his life, although he will soon discover that behind what happened to him and his new faculties there is much more than he thought since TFT has been controlling his mind at will.

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Thus begins an action-packed story in which the protagonist struggles to recover his memories and discover what is true in everything he thinks happened to him before he died and was resurrected. Bloodshot is a movie with an exciting start in which Ray Garrison and his new abilities as a superhero are introduced and maintains the level throughout his entire footage thanks to several plot twists that capture the viewer's attention to the maximum from the second act when you start to discover the cake. Of course, we are dealing with a Vin Diesel movie, so we cannot say that its plot is the most complex in the world, but David S. F. Wilson has managed to attract the premise of the Valiant comic book to the big screen quite attractive.

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Of course, the script is not spared from having some gaps that lead to wondering why some characters change so quickly in their way of acting or how certain things could have happened, but we are dealing with a classic action film, so It can be understood that sometimes speed is preferred to explanations. And it is that Bloodshot does not hide at any time what it is. From the first minute we are already seeing Vin Diesel do what he knows best: deal blows and throw shots! The important thing here is that we do not have a second of truce and in that aspect Bloodshot more than complies since it is pure and simple entertainment.

Memories from the past

Bloodshot is a movie for life-long action lovers, and that is constantly reflected in the performances of the main actors, who seem to take part in a tough guy competition. In this sense, the character played by Lamorne Morris is a real respite since it brings the touch of comedy that the rest are unable to give. In short, Bloodshot, although with its part of the intrigue, will not make you leave the rooms eating your head, it will provide you with the dose of adrenaline necessary for a smile to be drawn on your faces if you are lovers of the character or by Vin Diesel.

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The constant combats and persecutions that we can see during the fifty-hour of the film, which have very colorful choreographies, helps this. Unfortunately, the special effects and recording techniques used for these scenes are full of contrasts. David S. F. Wilson blatantly abuses slow motion, something that is attractive at first to be able to appreciate well the use of nanotechnology in the protagonist's body regeneration but that ends up tiring when all the action scenes end up offering phases in slow motion.

On the other hand, the special effects are also full of light and shadow. While the aforementioned Bloodshot regeneration leaves your mouth open, other computer effects, such as the entire sequence fighting in an elevator, give quite a bit of singing on screen. This is especially disappointing considering that David SF Wilson is known for being one of the best cinematic managers in the world of video games, having participated in titles such as Mass Effect 2, BioShock Infinite, Halo Wars or The Division, among many others.

Otherwise, Bloodshot does not stand out too much. The sound section of the tape is nothing to highlight, with a soundtrack that will not stay in your head. For their part, Guy Pearce, Eiza González, Sam Heughan and Toby Kebbell complete a supporting cast that meets their objective despite not having, for the most part, roles with too much depth.

Vin Diesel doing what he knows best.
The action does not stop.
The plot twists of the second act.

Abuse slow motion.
Some visual effects give too much cante.
It will be simple for those looking for more than just action.

The verdict
Bloodshot is entertainment at its best. A tape with a script that has interesting plot twists but without abusing complexity and that knows how to keep the action high throughout the footage. In short, we are facing a film aimed at fans of Vin Diesel's work and lovers of the Valiant Comics character. If what you are looking for is to spend almost two hours watching shots and fights without worrying too much about a convoluted plot, Bloodshot will be satisfactory despite its small defects.


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