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copyrightO Pitta Katha Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: March 06, 2020 Rating: 2.75 / 5

Cast: Vishwant Dudhumpudi, Sanjay Rao, Nityashetty, Brahmaji, Balaraju, Srinivas Bhogi Reddy, Bhadraji, Ramana Chalkapalli, Sirishri, Surya Akkondi, etc.

Directed by: Chandu Muddu

Producers: Anand Prasad

Music: Praveen Lakkaraju

Cinematographer: Sunil Kumar N

Editor: D Venkata Prabhu

Starring Vishwant Dudhumpudi, Sanjay Rao, Nithya Shetty, and Brahmaji. Bhavya Creations' flag was produced by V. Anandaprasad. Veda kissing director. The film was released today. And let's see in the review what this movie is like…

P Venkatalakshmi (Nithya Shetty) is a motherless girl .. Leading Life in Kakinada with her father happy. Prabhu (Sanjay Rao), who works with his father, has loved Venkatalakshmi since childhood. Even Venkatalakshmi loves him. Krrish (Viswanath Dudhumudi) comes from China for the rest of her life.

Venkata Lakshmi loves her at first sight. But she plans to break away from Prabhu anyway she loves Prabhu. Venkata Lakshmi misses after some events. Inquiry into the case of S.I. (Brahmaji) Venkata Lakshmi begins. The video finds that Krish killed Venkatalakshmi in this sequence.

But then there is another evidence that Lord Venkatalakshmi was killed. Who killed Venkatalakshmi? Why did you kill? Who else needs to kill her? Is the original Venkatalakshmi really dead? Or did someone hide her? How did Venkatalakshmi's story end? In Prabhu and Krish, who is good and who is evil? If you want to know the film on the silver screen.

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Plus Points:
The film revolves around a missing case in the suspense thriller Back Drop, with some comedy scenes and some thrilling elements. The last thirty minutes of the screenplay, the interval bang and the twist in the second half entertain the film. The main features of the film include Venkatalakshmi's role in the film, the track of the character, as well as the roles of the two heroes associated with it. Well, that's a plus.

Vishwanath Dudhampudi and Sanjay Rao, who played the heroes in the film, have been reduced to their roles. Especially when Vishwant Dudhumudi plays the role of a newcomer for the first time. He became a highlight of the film with his performance in some scenes. Especially with the climax as well as the heroine's eternal love track, as well as the scene in the police station. Another hero, Sanjay, has also done his part of justice.

Nithyashetti, who played the heroine, was impressed by the beauty of the show and the beauty of it. The actor who played her father, and the actor who played the hero's friend, also got into their roles. The rest of the actors who appeared in the film also performed well in their role.

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Minus Points:
The last thirty minutes of the film only sustained the film. However, it seems a little embarrassing to have to endure the rest of the movie for those thirty minutes.

Director Chandu has taken a good storyline. In the first half, there is nowhere near as great an intensity or great feeling except for the interval scene. The Pony Love Scenes Are Connected That Is The Way Of The Way... The director of the love track with the jokes found on the net and the small disconnections between heroines.

More and more unnecessary scenes and dialogues are over. In addition to all of those scenes ... Heroes - Characters of the heroes are well established, but the difference between them and the suspense attached to the plot of the film is not very strong. It would be nice if both the heroes would elevate the Love Track before the drama between the characters. Overall the director's last thirty minutes of focus on the first thirty minutes of the film would have been a foot out.

Technical Section:
If you talk about the technical side of the film... The music provided by Praveen Lakkaraju is very good. Songs are also impressive. Sunil Kumar N Cinematography is also good. Most of the scenes in the film are very beautiful with good visuals by the cameramen. But if the editor cuts down on stretching scenes in the movie, the film is a plus. Producer Anand Prasad produced the film rather than compromise somewhere. The construction values ​​are very good. Director Chandu seems to have nothing to do with a good storyline and some suspense scenes.

The movie, which is a bit of a storyline, seems to be a bit of a comedy touch with some thrilling elements and some thrilling elements at times. But in the second half, the last thirty minutes of play, director Chandu, is well documented. That thirty-minute movie is great. But until then, the film's not fully interesting, some scenes repeatable, and boring treatment are weaknesses to the film. However, the film is sure to appeal to the audience who love the suspense as an overdrive. It will not impress the rest of the audience.


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