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copyrightPrema Pipasi Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: March 13, 2020 Rating: 2.25 / 5

Cast: GPS, Kapilakshi Malhotra, Sonakshi Verma, Jyoti Raj Put, Mamata Shri Chaudhary, 'Ji Jodi Fame' others

Writing - Directed by Murali Ramaswamy (MR).

Producers: Pius Ramakrishna (RK)

Music: Ars

Cinematographer: Thirumala Rodriguez

Editor: S Siva Kiran

Jeepers, Kapilakshi Malhotra and Sonakshi Verma are the heroines of the movie. SS. The film is produced by Rahul Bhai Media and Durgashree Films, under the banner of art productions and era creations and is produced by PS Ramakrishna. Murali Ramaswamy is the director. Let's go back to our review of the movie!


Bava (GPS)... As the name implies, a fine artist. Whenever we get a chance, we see Bala (Kapilakshi Malhotra) in love with the girl and fall in love. Did Balamani accept our papasi love proposal? Or? Who is this lovemaker? What is his past story? Was there any connection between Bawa and Bala in the past? To know such horrible things, you have to view this picture on the silver screen.

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Plus Points:

The hero of the film, GPS, has been cast in various shades of his character (in O Angle)... He tried to impress the Telugu audience. In the first half of the romantic scenes in the first half, Avila... In the second half, some emotional scenes, partying and acting. Overall it is good to briefly discuss GPS performance.

The heroine Kapilakshi Malhotra has effectively played her part in showcasing her beauty. Senior actor Suman has always been a good addition to the film, playing his role as usual. The teasing song coming out in the second half is nice. Also, some of the romantic episodes in the first episode will entertain the younger audience even if they aren't mesmerizing.

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Minus Points:

Some of the romantic scenes in the first half, though well, seem dull. The director tried to impress with some love scenes... The film is not interesting. The story in the movie as Main is very Week. In addition to this, the film doesn't look very impressive in terms of screenplay. Scenes of strength in the script increased.

In addition to the over-the-top scenes, some of the unnecessary scenes are minus points to the film. Overall, the director was able to write good emotions in terms of content, but the director could not direct the film.

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Technical Section:

Director Murali Ramaswamy's intention to show real events in contemporary romances is good, but the director fails to write short stories. The cinematography in the movie is good. The cameramen are very beautiful in the first half as well as some of the key scenes in the second half. When it comes to music... Both songs are good ... Background music is never good. The editing is also fine. The film's production values ​​are very good. For Different Different Beautiful Locations .. Outdoor Door has more schedules.


This young romantic comedy of love, a few scenes in the second half, along with the heroic GPS painful performance. But the lack of proper intrusive screenplay in the first half, as well as the lack of elevation to the main content of the film, has hurt the film's outcome. Overall, the film doesn't even impress the average viewer.


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