Nayakudu Movierulz - Watch Nayakudu 2023 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightNayakudu Movierulz - Watch Nayakudu 2023 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Nayakudu Movierulz - Mari Selvaraj has a unique style among Tamil directors. In his films, the scenes speak more than the story. Like the previous two films, Mari Selvaraj chose the caste issue this time too. The manner in which the characters of both the hero and the villain are established at the same time by running two scenes in parallel at the beginning of the film is impressive.

Nayakudu Movierulz - Hero loves pigs. Because of this, he raises some pigs. On the other hand, the villain breeds dogs. He has no love for them. Bred just for the races. If any of them loses a race, he does not hesitate to beat him to death. He also shows the differences between their ideologies in the opening scenes of the movie.

The first half is all about introducing the characters, and their ideologies and getting ready for the face-off between all the key characters. Compared to the first half, the second half is very racy. Political struggle, ups, and downs will be interesting. Mari Selvaraj's mark is nowhere to be missed. There are many interesting shots in the film such as the Buddha statue in the background while Vadivelu's character, who seeks peace, thinks.

The main highlight of the movie is the interval bang. A performer in Udayanidhi Stalin can be seen in this scene. Also, the climax is impressive. The audience leaves the theater with a sense of satisfaction. The dialogues in the movie are also strongly written. 'It is my right not to let you sit. It is my politics to make your son sit.' Fahad Fazil's dialogue reflects his characterization and intelligence. Udayanidhi Stalin's question, 'He didn't sit down, why didn't you sit down?'

The duration of this movie is two hours and 37 minutes. But many scenes can be cut in the first half. Mari Selvaraj, who introduced the characters quickly...Udayanidhi Stalin, Keerthy Suresh slowed down a bit during the flashback. The film would have been more gripping if some of the flashback scenes and the song were easily trimmed. But the flashback of Udayanidhi Stalin's childhood is very strong. Selvaraj presented very well and convincingly why he became a rebel.

Another strength of the film is AR Rahman's music. The songs and background music composed by him became the pillars of the film. Theni Eshwar's cinematography establishes the mood perfectly. The producer of this film is also Udayanidhi Stalin, so he spared no expense.

When it comes to the actors... Vadivelu is a surprise package in this movie. Tamilnadu Vadivelu might have done some performance-oriented roles. But seeing Vadivelu like this is something new for Telugu people. 

Vadivelu's performance as an innocent and helpless in the first half and as a brave man who will stand up to anyone for his son in the second half is impressive. 

In the scene in the second half where Fahad warns Fazil in the car, his performance in the scene where Udayanidhi waits for the villain at home with Stalin holding a knife gives goosebumps.

Everyone knows how well Fahadh Fazil acts in performance-oriented roles. This is also among the best performances of his career. This is Udayanidhi Stalin's best role in his career. Keerthy Suresh's role has good scope in acting. Leela got into the role. All the other actors acted within their scope.


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