Mahaveerudu Movierulz - Watch Mahaveerudu 2023 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightMahaveerudu Movierulz - Watch Mahaveerudu 2023 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review in 3Movierulz
Mahaveerudu Movierulz - Almost all commercial movies follow a template, a hero introduction, a song, a fight, love, etc. But Mahaveerudu is also a commercial film, but not a film that follows the regular template that we see. Mahaveerudu is a story where an interesting character is designed and commercial elements are woven around it.

Mahaveerudu Movierulz - The movie starts like a normal commercial movie, once the hero character is introduced, the story becomes interesting. The first half of the hero Taluk's fears, his work, and his love story with comedy were added by the director Madon Ashwin engagingly. But the interval block makes us watch the second part.

And the second part Adhyantham engages with interesting scenes and shows the hero from being a coward to being powerful all at once. But the character created by the hero and how it helped him to become powerful has been impressively presented on the screen. Even if the political angle is not that interesting, the hero's character will keep you glued to the seat for two and a half hours.

When it comes to acting, Sivakarthikeyan, who tries something new while doing commercial films, this time also gave us a new type of commercial film. And in this film too, unlike his regular roles, he acted very well in the role of a coward. Aditi Shankar got good screen time for the role and it can be said that she has done hundred percent justice to the role, it doesn't matter as long as Miskin is there, Sunil, a well-known comedian in Telugu, is acting in Tamil for the first time. 

Madon Ashwin received praise for the film Mandela, and since he is doing a film with a star hero, everyone thought that he will come with a regular story, but with a new story, he added some commercial elements and presented it very well on screen. Especially we have to admire Madon Ashwin for the way he has combined fantasy in this film. It can be said that Madonna Ashwin has succeeded in pleasing the average audience.

Technically, Mahaveerudu is very good, and we know that Bharat Shankar's songs are a good success, and the background music is also very good. Vishu Ayan's cinematography can be said to be the main strength of this film. Finally, Mahaveerudu is a new kind of commercial film.


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