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copyrightBaby Movierulz - Watch Baby 2023 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Baby Movierulz - No matter how many love stories come out, films that show first love, i.e. school love, are rare, but they are a hit with the audience. After many days the movie Baby reminds us of our first love and takes us back to those days.

Baby Movierulz - In a love story, even when it comes to first love, the narrative feels slow, but since everyone has a first love, it doesn't seem like much of a problem. There is nothing new in the movie, but in every scene shown on the screen, the audience sees his love story. Baby will keep you glued to the seat with themes that connect to the youth, good dialogues, and good music.

When it comes to acting, it can be said that Anand Deverakonda's career is memorable. The director who designed a normal character as a hero, without separate elevation, acted naturally in every scene. Even though his voice does not suit the emotional scenes, he expresses his gestures brilliantly. Even though she is famous on YouTube, there is no doubt that Vaishnavi got a good role.

Although it is the first movie, it can be said that it has done justice to both types of characters. Viraj Ashwin can be said to be the second hero, although his role does not have much scope to act, his role contributes to driving the story forward. And the rest of the actors acted well according to their roles.

Sai Rajesh, who has made satirical films like Hrudaya Kejal, and Kokonja Matta, gave the story to Color Photo and won the National Award. And now he has revealed another love story in the form of a baby. Although the story is not new, it can be said that he succeeded in making the first love that connects the youth engaging.

Even though it is a small movie, it is technically very good, no need to talk about the songs, we know how big a success it was from the first song. Vijay Bulganin has not only provided amazing songs but heart-touching background music. And the cinematography of MN Balareddy is also good. Finally, Baby, a heartwarming film


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