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copyrightDasara Movierulz - Watch Dasara 2023 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Dasara Movierulz - Nani can be said to be the backbone of this movie. From the beginning to the end, Nani got into his role and acted very well. Despite being a rustic character, Nani does full justice to his character. Nani's performance in comedy, action, and emotional scenes can be said to be next level. Keerthy Suresh also looked very different in this movie. Keerthy Suresh's performance in the role of Vennela was good.

Dasara Movierulz - His chemistry with Nani also worked out well. Dixit Shetty also acted very well. Malayalam actor Shine Tom Chacko got a role with a good scope. He acted well in his role. Jhansi also acted well in this movie. Saikumar's performance is also good. Although Samudrakhani acted well, his role in the film was less. The rest of the actors also acted well in the scope of their roles.

Although this is director Srikanth Odela's first film, he has shown his work like a director with a lot of experience. Entering the industry as a disciple of Sukumar, Srikanth chose such a rustic story for his first film but executed it very well. Although the narration of the story seems a bit slow, Srikanth has hooked the audience well with the story. The scope of becoming another big director in Tollywood is high for Srikanth, who was a hit with his first film.

The cinematography can also be said to be the biggest plus point of this movie. All the visuals in the movie are amazing. Except for some slow scenes in the second half, the editing is also good. Santhosh Narayanan, who was impressed with the songs, was also entertained well by the background music. But in some elevation scenes, the background music could have been better.

The entire story of Dussehra movie revolves around the characters of Dharani, Vennela, and Suri. Love and politics enter the story that begins with their friendship. The first half of the movie is amazing. Every scene feels very engaging without boring the audience anywhere. The political drama was also shown very well. The big twist in the interval is also very good. The second half is equally interesting.

But some slow scenes in the second half may bore the audience. But Nani has led well with his performance. From the pre-climax, the movie becomes more interesting. The climax has also been designed in a very thrilling way. Despite the overall predictable story and some slow scenes, this movie will appeal to those who like raw and rustic drama movies. Bottom Line: Dasa"Ra" is an excellent village drama that will appeal to all sections of the audience.


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