Chris Hemsworth is on fire and still beats everyone: The trailer for "Extraction 2" crashes violently - 3movierulz

copyrightChris Hemsworth is on fire and still beats everyone: The trailer for "Extraction 2" crashes violently - 3movierulz
Action "John Wick" is no longer the exception in Hollywood, but the rule. This is not only proven by the tremendous success of the series but also by the numerous imitators in Keanu Reeves' footsteps - whether they are called "Nobody" or "Atomic Blonde". 

And Netflix also has action from the John Wick school: "Extraction" with Chris Hemsworth in the title role is one of the most successful Netflix films ever, which is why a sequel was quickly a foregone conclusion.

Now there is the first trailer for "Extraction 2" and it proves: When it comes to action, leading actor Chris Hemsworth, director and ex-stuntman Sam Hargrave, and the "Avengers: Endgame" makers and producers Joe and Anthony Russo apparently still want it put on a decent shovel!

The teaser trailer consists almost entirely of a single scene shot without any visible cuts, which is likely to be one of the highlights in "Extraction 2":

Extraction fights across a prison yard where a massive battle between guards and prisoners is raging throws a grenade, takes a hit in the head, and is set ablaze while still happily bashing his way through hordes of enemies. And at the end of the preview, he gets to use a minigun to bring down a helicopter from the sky.

That actually promises to result in some compelling, gripping action scenes - but that was already in part 1. 

On the other hand, it remains to be seen whether those responsible in front of and behind the camera will succeed in creating a more rounded overall package this time, in which story, characters, and action mesh better. 

And whether the running time isn't quite as exaggerated this time as it was in the overly long first part.

By the way, the focus is again on extraction this time, so Extraction has to rescue a person from the dangerous area again. "This time he's tasked with rescuing a Georgian gangster's family from prison," according to the official Netflix synopsis. 

And in fact, the film apparently also goes into the end of the first part, where Extraction apparently dies. Extraction 2 will be released on Netflix on June 16, 2023.


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