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copyrightThe title Game Changer will be appropriate for this Ram Charan new movie - 3Movierulz
RC15 is the next film from global star Ram Charan. A title has finally been fixed for this film, which has been referred to by the same name since the announcement of the film. In fact, the movie unit has announced the title of the latest movie RC15, starring Mega Power Star Ram Charan as the hero, which is eagerly awaited not only by the mega fans but also by the general audience.

The film unit has fixed the title 'Game Changer' for this film under the direction of director Shankar. The movie makers have released this title logo as a birthday gift for Charan. In fact, titles such as CEO, Adhikari, and Vishwambhara were heard from the beginning of this movie.

Almost, many people are fixed that the title of CEO will be fixed for this movie. There was a campaign on social media as if this title was almost finalized. However, an unexpected name shocked everyone by grabbing the title out of the box. It is impossible to say how much the title Game Changer will be appropriate for this movie, which is coming in a full political backdrop.

But some people are commenting why the title of this game changer does not seem so connecting. Nijani Ki this movie will be released not only in Telugu but also in Tamil Malayalam Hindi Kannada languages. Lately, it has become common for all Pan India movies to use English words that everyone can connect with.


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