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copyrightVarisu Movierulz - Watch Varisu 2023 Tamil Movie Review In 3Movieruz
Varisu Movierulz - In a special situation, 'Vijay' leaves home after quarreling with his father. The story takes a turn when Vijay returns home as requested by his mother for a family function. Vijay takes over his father's business. 'Varisu' is completed with exciting and entertaining storylines that answer natural questions like what challenges will Vijay face? how will Vijay overcome the crises?

Varisu Movierulz - Vijay has his own name in the film. The actor is playing the role of 'Vijay Rajendran' in the film. Comedies like those done by Vijay in the past are becoming the attraction of the film. Vijay's movement in the dance scene is the same. Vijay has also perfected the emotional scenes in the film in his own natural way. Vijay has been busy in action scenes to thrill his fans. In any case, Vijay 'Varisu' has been approached as a film for fans to celebrate in the theatre.

Rashmika Mandana has joined Vijay in the film as the heroine. Rashmika has got a significant place only in the celebratory song scenes. Sarathkumar's 'Rajendran' is the main character who attracts attention in his performance in 'Varisu'. Sarathkumar has brilliantly captured the various phases of Vana's life as the ruler of the business empire and the time of giving up.

The director has also given importance to the mother character of 'Sudha' played by Jayasudha in 'Varisu'. Like the Vijay-Sharath Kumar combo, the scenes with Jayasudha have also worked. As seen in the trailer, Prakash Raj, who has villainous elements, performed as he travels with the character. Sham, Srikanth, Prabhu, VTV Ganesh, Suman, Sreeman, etc. have become stars who are ripe for their roles.

Vamshi Paidapally has made the film by keeping true to the genre of a family film. Vamshi has brought 'Varisu' to the theaters with all the essential ingredients of a commercial film like emotion, comedy, romance, action, villainy, and dance while allowing Vijay to shake things up. Karthik Palani's cinematography lends not only visual beauty but vivacity to 'Vaarisi'. Raja Sundaram, Shobha, and Jani choreographed by S Thaman who composed music that makes the audience step on stage are the success factors of 'Varisu'.


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