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copyright18 Pages Movierulz - Watch 18 Pages 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
18 Pages Movierulz - It starts interestingly by introducing the worlds of the main characters and here we can see Sukumar's style. Coming straight to the actual story, here two unique minds meet at one time and then the interesting drama keeps us engrossed in the story. The story and interesting characters are a well-written love story in the first half, and the interval twists are worked out enough to make the latter half interesting to watch.

18 Pages Movierulz - The second half is the opposite in meaning to the first half because while the first half revolves around a love story, the second half shifts into thriller mode with Nandini getting kidnapped, and then the racy screenplay and how Siddharth finds herself using her diary pulls us into the story and makes us a part of it. The twists in the pre-climax and climax will surely blow your mind. Overall, there is a loose end in the first half, but the second half attracts the attention of the audience.

Talking about the performances, Nikhil Siddharth's role is good, Anupama's role as Nandini is good as her role demands performance in both parts and the rest of the cast does well. Technically, 18 pages are good. Vasant's cinematography is good in the first half. Gopisunder's songs are good.

Sukumar's writings have a special fan base because Sukumar writes unique love stories that no one has told before, and 18 Pages is also a unique love story, but after Kumari 21 F he came up with a combination of love story and thriller and 18 Pages' writing is good, but Palnati Surya Pratap's story He partially succeeds in telling it attractively. Overall, 18 Pages is a unique love story mixed with suspense that can be enjoyed by all sections of the audience.


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