Top Gear Movierulz - Watch Top Gear 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightTop Gear Movierulz - Watch Top Gear 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz
Top Gear Movierulz - The best point of attention for Top Gear is that the story takes place on a single night. The film starts very interestingly as more people are murdered without any clues and then introduces the hero to his world, but even though the film is an out-and-out commercial film, there are few moments throughout the film. There are chilling moments. Although the pace slows down in the first half with familiar elements like the hero family track and forced songs, the point of multiple murder mysteries grabs the audience's attention, the interval twist is perfect and increases the curiosity to watch the second half.

Top Gear Movierulz - There are flaws in the second half, but after the hero becomes an eyewitness to a murder and his struggle to escape from the police and goons keeps us engrossed in the story. Who is David? The suspense is held very well from the beginning to the climax. Overall, the film has some loose ends but the racy screenplay and suspense keep the audience engaged.

Talking about the actors, Aadi Saikumar as Arjun has done well, his body language as a cab driver and his dialogue delivery are well done, but he fails completely when he has to show the tension and shocking moments through his face, Rhea Suman looks very pretty as a traditional girl; And Brahmaji, Maim Gopi and Shatru have done well for their respective roles.

Technically Top Gear doesn't matter. Sai Sriram's visuals are partially good, most of the movie takes place at night, but the night scenes need to be shot better, Harshavardhan Rameshwar's songs are not that impressive, But he impressed with his background score and the rest of the technical team did well as the story required.

Director Shashikant did not care; His writing is good, but his narration should be better, especially in the last part. Despite some flaws, he managed to grab the audience's attention with his racy screenplay and suspense. All in all, Top Gear is a good action thriller with some commercial elements.


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