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copyrightIs Quaritch no longer a villain in Avatar 3 ? So says actor Stephen Lang - 3Movierulz
Warning: The following article contains SPOILERS for "Avatar 2: The Way Of Water"!

In Avatar Colonel Quaritch was determined to destroy the Na'vi. In the end, he died. However, he returns in Avatar 2: The Way Of Water. His memories were loaded into an "avatar," so he's now a Na'vi. However, he continues to fight against them and acts downright cruelly, obsessed with getting revenge on Jake and Neytiri for his death.

But Quaritch's rough shell is crumbling. He learns - also through his son Spider - more about the Na'vi and changes. When he threatens a tribe to learn the whereabouts of the Sullys, he abandons his plan to kill an innocent woman at his son's urging. In the end, he just burns down all the dwellings - still cruel, but a huge step for him. In the finale, too, he is surprisingly hesitant on several occasions, even avoiding killing one of the captured Na'vi children.

Many fans are therefore now convinced that this is not the end of his development. After only surviving because his son Spider saves him, Quaritch could change even further. Precisely because he is now also a stranger among humans, he could gradually continue to accept his Na'vi existence, in the end even end up on their side and not be a villain.

Actor Stephen Lang already knows if Quaritch will end up in that direction. James Cameron already had the scripts for "Avatar 2" to "Avatar 5" written in their entirety, so that all the stars know what their characters are about to do. Of course, he doesn't want to reveal it yet, but in an interview with Collider, he makes it clear that it's definitely a conceivable option.

While the human version of Quaritch said there would never have been the possibility of such a change, for the Na'vi version it's definitely up for debate. Quaritch recognized that he had to adapt to the circumstances. Everything is possible with it, according to Lang in the Collider interview.

It could mark an interesting reversal of the conflict between him and the Sullys in Avatar 3. If Quaritch turns away from the humans to help the Na'vi and his son, he will not be welcomed with open arms by them - especially not by Jake and Neytiri.

Eventually, the parents will blame Quaritch for the death of their son Neteyam. So it's very possible that they are out for revenge themselves. Neytiri in particular is unlikely to be able to forgive, perhaps make it her life's work to take revenge on her son's murderer.

In any case, the further development of Quaritch offers exciting potential for "Avatar 3". It seems hard to imagine that he'll just be the villain a third time - especially since with General Ardmore in "Avatar 2: The Way Of Water" a character has already been established who is likely to slip into this role in the foreseeable future.


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