1899 shows: This is how the misfortune in the new Netflix series of the Dark makers takes its course - 3Movierulz

copyright1899 shows: This is how the misfortune in the new Netflix series of the Dark makers takes its course - 3Movierulz
A good two weeks before Netflix start "1899" we can present you a complete scene from the eagerly awaited mystery series in advance as a world exclusive. It shows us a fatal decision that could have devastating consequences.

"1899" is one of the most anticipated series of the year. And in addition to the exciting premise, the promising international cast, and the intriguing trailer, there is one reason for this: Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. After the Indians caused a sensation and enthusiasm internationally with their time travel mindbending "Dark", everyone is now looking forward to the new mystery series project of the two.

After the "Dark" success, this is a whole lot bigger, as the preview, the elaborate trick technology in the background, and the acting ensemble with actors from different countries show. This time, too, it gets puzzling and so we're grateful for every snippet that reveals a little more about the series and its plot. This is now also the case in the excerpt above, which was partly included in the trailer, but which we can now show you in full length.

The clip takes us on board an emigrant ship whose passengers left Europe to start a new life in America. During the crossing, however, the crew receives a signal from the migrant ship Prometheus, which has been missing for several months - and decides to get to the bottom of the matter. In the excerpt above, Captain Eyk Larsen explains the situation and the decision to the assembled fellow travelers – which causes a lot of displeasure, after all, many of them paid a lot of money to get to New York without detours.

But Larsen doesn't give the impression that his decision is still up for debate, as he hopes that of the more than 1,400 passengers on the Prometheus, even after all this time, someone will still be alive. Tensions are therefore pre-programmed on his ship, but they shouldn't be anything compared to what awaits you on the missing steamer. As the official synopsis of "1899" reveals, the find is the beginning of a nightmarish mystery. What they encounter not only turns their world upside down but also seems strangely connected to each individual's past.


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