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copyrightBlack Adam appears as a limited edition for home - 3Movierulz
It's been around a decade and a half since Dwayne Johnson first publicly announced that he would be starring as the muscular anti-hero, Black Adam. In the meantime, both the ex-wrestler's standing in Hollywood and the way the comic brand DC acts in the cinema have completely changed. But now the long-awaited "Black Adam" is here - and only a short time after his debut on the screen, the super suit wearer, who oscillates between good and evil, is getting ready for the next phase.

Because you can already secure the superhero actioner for your home cinema. Black Adam is expected to be released on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K discs in the first quarter of 2023. In addition to the regular editions in standard packaging, the film will also be available in two strictly limited Steelbook editions that can be pre-ordered now.

If you haven't seen "Black Adam" in the cinema yet and are thinking about simply waiting until you can watch the DC blockbuster on your own four walls because of this home cinema message, you don't have to wait that long. Because from December 5, 2022, "Black Adam" will already be available digitally for home cinema.

But whether in the cinema or in the home cinema, be warned: In the the review of "Black Adam", the film is criticized for its "bumpy plot", a "chaotic staging" and "one-dimensional characters" are also on the list of shortcomings. DC and Dwayne Johnson fans should of course still form their own opinion - but depending on the individually available cinema budget, you might prefer to sit comfortably on the sofa.

Scientist Adrianna Tomaz is in search of the Crown of Sabacc. When mercenaries surprise her in an ancient tomb, she says the magic word "Shazam" out of affection, waking Teth-Adam aka Black Adam from a thousand-year slumber. The mighty bald guy is completely unpredictable and could be a hero or a villain. That's why the Justice Society Of America steps in Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Cyclone, and Atom Smasher want to bring the superhuman warrior and his destructive power under Western control.

"Black Adam" is not only described as a hodgepodge of ideas in the criticism. Among other things, there are stretches during which the new directorial work of "Jungle Cruise" creator Jaume Collet-Serra is reminiscent of "300", while another action scene resembles Quicksilver's appearances in the "X-Men" saga. The character development of Black Adam, who gradually warms up to Adrianna's son, in turn, brings back memories of "Terminator 2" and the change that Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic character goes through in dealing with John Connor.

These and other cinematic set pieces, including passages from "Two Glorious Scoundrels", ensured in their implementation that "Black Adam" was scolded in the criticism as "the previous low point in the DCEU". It is quite possible that the search for references in the home cinema with adjusted expectations and in a relaxed atmosphere will develop a more amusing momentum of its own. Dwayne Johnson would wish so, as strong home theater sales would increase the likelihood that all of his extensive plans for the future of his DC role will materialize.


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