The Last Of Us start date leaked: The game adaptation with Pedro Pascal should come to HBO so soon - 3Movierulz

copyrightThe Last Of Us start date leaked: The game adaptation with Pedro Pascal should come to HBO so soon - 3Movierulz
Was someone at HBO too hasty? The start date of season 1 of the game adaptation The Last Of Us has not yet been officially announced but is said to be already on the HBO page & in the HBO Max app. That sounds like a reliable source.

The dystopian series The Last Of Us, based on the hit Naughty Dog game franchise, is expected to start in early 2023. Now we probably know more: "The Last Of Us" is scheduled to start on January 15, 2023, on HBO. That's a Sunday and would therefore fit in well because new episodes of major series such as "Game Of Thrones", "House Of The Dragon" and Co. are actually always released on HBO on Sundays.

In Germany, the series will be shown on Sky and WOW, and the new episodes should always be available in Germany from Sunday to Monday from 3 a.m. This means that the German start date for "The Last Of Us" would then be Monday, January 16, 2023. But: this information has not yet been officially confirmed...

So far it's a leak - but from an extremely reliable source if it's not a bug. Fans in the US want to have seen the date on the HBO website and in the HBO Max app, screenshots and photos of it abound on Twitter. The series premiere for January 15, 2023, is announced there.

In "The Last Of Us," a Cordyceps fungus nearly wiped out humanity. If you don't die immediately, the mushroom turns you into a zombie-like mutant. A few years later America sunk into chaos, and the quarantine zones are being brutally controlled by the military.

Then the smuggler Joel gets the order to secretly get teenager Ellie, who is surrounded by a secret, out of a quarantine zone. An adventurous journey across the country begins, during which the unlikely duo soon develops a kind of father-daughter relationship.

In addition to Pascal and Ramsey, e.g. Also in attendance are Gabriel Luna, Anna Torv, Merle Dandridge, Nick Offerman, Nico Parker, and Storm Reid. 

Season 1 of The Last Of Us consists of ten episodes. If the premiere date is January 15th and there are no breaks due to public holidays, the season finale of "The Last Of Us" should run on March 19th, 2023 in the USA, and then on March 20th in India.


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