Bujji Ila Raa Movierulz - Watch Bujji Ila Raa 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightBujji Ila Raa Movierulz - Watch Bujji Ila Raa 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Bujji Ila Raa Movierulz - 'Bujji Ila Raa' movie has an interesting story but the movie making is boring to watch on screen. The investigation process in the movie looks very artificial and we see unnecessary scenes in the first half and later half of the movie. Although the movie is only 2 hours long, there are some good scenes to watch, but the predictable screenplay and artificial set-up scenes kill the desire to watch this movie.

Bujji Ila Raa Movierulz - When it comes to acting, comedian Dhan Raj may not connect with the audience despite his good performance as a cop. Actor Sunil has been seen in similar roles before and is nothing new playing as an actor. Chandni Tamilarasan is okay with the role offered to her. Srikanth Iyengar does well in some scenes but feels a bit overdone in others. All the other actors have done their best according to the story.

Technically, 'Bujji Ila Raa' did not impress. Sai Karthik's music, background music is not that great. The cinematography handled by director 'Garudavega' Anji is very poor and the shots with saturated colors in the background and on the screen are very dated. According to the information from the film circles, the production values ​​of this film, which was made with a budget of around 8 crores, are not up to the allotted budget. Overall, 'Bujji Ila Raa' is a routine thriller movie that is interesting to watch only for a few scenes.


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