Aakasa Veedhullo Movierulz - Watch Aakasa Veedhullo 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3movierulz

copyrightAakasa Veedhullo Movierulz - Watch Aakasa Veedhullo 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3movierulz

We have seen many movies with this stereotype of the protagonist falling into depression with love failure and then focusing on their career, 'Aakasa Veedhullo' also falls into this category, the first half ends with predictable scenes and poor performances with occasional china scenes from beginning to end.

Although some of the love and travel scenes are not new, those scenes will engage you for a while because those scenes feel good to watch on screen, except that there is nothing in the movie. 'Aakash Veedhullo' is a character journey, but there is nothing new about the hero character and the director fails to establish that character as well, which is probably the reason why we feel disconnected from the beginning.

Gautham Krishna worked as a hero and also as a director, he gave a good performance in this movie but failed as a director. But watching the film, it is clear how an inexperienced director makes a film. The film would have been better if it had been an experienced director and the rest of the actors had done well.

Technically, from 'Aakasa Veedhullo' Vishwanath Reddy's visuals to Juda Sandhya's music, all the technical aspects save the film. Finally, 'Aakasa Veedhullo' is a one-watch movie that you can give a try if you have nothing left to watch.


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