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copyrightHouse of the Dragon Movierulz - House of the Dragon Full Episode 2 Online Review in 3Movierulz

House of the Dragon Movierulz - King Viserys plans a new marriage with House Velaryon to strengthen his power. Meanwhile, Prince Daemon steals a dragon egg, provoking his older brother. A confrontation ensues on Drachenstein.

House of the Dragon Movierulz - Last week I predicted that the series makers would decide against a Game of Thrones intro. I guess I was completely wrong there. The Prince Rebel starts with a well-known melody and twisted camera flights over a bloody Targaryen family tree.

Thanks to the intro, it feels like Game of Thrones never ended. Is this seamlessness perhaps intended to revalue the tainted image of the parent series?

But thanks to the quality of the series so far, this could even succeed. House of the Dragon inspires in episode 2 with sharp dialogues and a robust plot. Although there is no shocker like in the previous episode, there is a small highlight that could make several characters' favorites.

But before it comes to this "Mexican standoff" on the wall of Drachenstein, the series maintains its supporting narrative pace without losing focus. The dialogues have a natural pull, not only thanks to the many conflicts that are fought out at the table, but also thanks to the elegant staging and the great actors.

Paddy Considine as King Viserys and Emma D'Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra share quiet moments that feel as authentic and informal as if they were actually based on dialogue written by George R.R. Martin based. The conversations behind castle walls haven't been this vibrant since the fourth season of Game of Thrones.

House of the Dragon caught a teething problem in the last seasons of the parent series: Teleporting within Westeros still seems to be the most popular means of travel. Although the distance between King's Landing and Dragonstone isn't all that great, this stylistic device still dilutes the spaces in a medieval world.

But at least Otto Hohenthurm probably had enough time at sea to think of the right insults, which he throws at Prince Daemon a little later. Rhys Ifans as the hand of the king has been a highlight of the series since this battle of words at the latest.

Daemon's justifications for his thieving behavior are almost convincing, which also brings his villain character a little more into the moral middle ground. I think it's unlikely that Daemon will be made into a new Joffrey or Ramsey; a hate figure who is evil through and through.

The standoff is finally resolved with the arrival of Rhaenyra and the dragon. The theatrical performance is strongly reminiscent of Daenerys' handwriting, but Rhaenyra's steed - or dragon - is not quite as high as that of her descendant, which makes Rhaenyra more likable and mystical in direct comparison.


The prince rebel continues to escalate conflicts and keep the tension. The series manages to layer and condense intrigues and motivations even better than Game of Thrones in places. I question whether the same theme song was needed for the intro, but after two episodes I see a bright - and gory - future for the prequel.


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