Bimbisara Movierulz - Watch Bimbisara 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightBimbisara Movierulz - Watch Bimbisara 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Bimbisara MovierulzKalyan Ram is known as the hero of commercial action entertainers, however, his first socio-fantasy film 'Bimbisara', which saw Kalyan Ram in a never-before-seen avatar, created huge expectations for the film, but the trailer of the film raised the expectations even further. The highly anticipated movie released today August 05, 2022. The movie is getting a good response from the audience and critics so without any further delay let's take a look at the in-depth review and find out if the movie is worth watching or not.

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Bimbisara Movierulz - Bimbisara runs in two timelines, a great emperor called Bimbisara declares himself a god and a demon and rules the kingdom of Trigartala, but he decides to conquer the world and goes to war, in another world a man appears as Bimbisara, where some thugs try to kill him for no reason. However, later he discovers that he is the only one who can open Bimbisara's treasure, and finally, how these two worlds actually collide is the rest of the story.

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Bimbisara Movierulz - Socio-fantasy movies are not new to Telugu audience, right from senior NTR's time to Baahubali, we have seen many socio-fantasy movies, but what seems new in Bimbisara is the concept of time travel, unlike the usual time travel, the story takes place in a parallel world, where two timelines are not connected. But you have to watch it in theaters to know how the director connects it.

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The film starts well with a solid action block and it introduces the world of Bimbisara, then the director takes around 30 minutes to show the brutality of Bimbisara, however, the first half of the film goes on with Kalyan Ram's performance as Bimbisara and some action blocks and an interval bang then the second half shifts to Hyderabad and is initially flat. The ongoing story keeps the present-day audience engaged from the moment Bimbisara is possessed by a person resembling Bimbisara to the climax.

Bimbisara has no special story but a new world and negative shades of Kalyan Ram make the whole movie interesting to watch but this movie has some flaws like the love story is not done well and some songs are forcefully inserted in the screenplay and some logic is not taken care of all this with good acting by Kalyan Ram. And engaging with some of the twists makes them feel less introverted.

Kalyan Ram excels in both the roles, his transformation for the role is to be commended and he excels in dialogue delivery Bimbisara has an amazing cast but Viswanandan Varma's (Prakash Raj) character stands out.

Kudos to director Vashishta for bringing this complex story to the screen, he succeeds in engaging the audience, however, he should have focused more on writing Papa's character.

Technically Bimbisara is grander, though Chota K Naidu's visuals are good, most of the scenes have a heavy color tone and M.M. Keeravani doesn't have much in the way of songs but shows his experience in the background score and the rest of the sections do well.

Finally, Bimbisara is a good socio-fantasy film that can be watched by all sections of the audience.


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