Bullet Train Movierulz - Watch Bullet Train 2022 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3movierulz

copyrightBullet Train Movierulz - Watch Bullet Train 2022 Telugu Dubbed Full Movie Review In 3movierulz

Bullet Train Movierulz - With their stunt agency 87Eleven, "John Wick" directors David Leitch and Chad Stahelski have earned a reputation as Hollywood experts for hand-to-hand combat choreography in recent years. For a long time now, the stunt professionals have not only worked for other directors but also produce their own films separately: while Stahelski continued the dark-serious revenge-action series with Keanu Reeves alone after their joint debut in Leitch's solo works like "Deadpool 2" or "Hobbs & Shaw" often black humor trimmed for coolness and also containing meta references as well as massive action bombast plays a bigger role. 

Bullet Train MovierulzCompared to these excessive franchise blockbusters, "Bullet Train" is a step back to the roots, if only because of the limited setting: the rousingly intense, often extremely brutal action not only delivers gory visuals but also helps with the Narrative. Leitch can't quite get out of his own skin and sometimes overdoes it with the superimposed coolness of his cameo number revue. Nonetheless, Bullet Train is a must-see for action fans - and definitely on a cinema screen.

Bullet Train Movierulz - Ladybug, annoyed by his job as a professional killer, is supposed to stand in for a colleague on a supposedly routine job at short notice: He is supposed to steal a suitcase from a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Kyoto. But of course, it quickly turns out that this job is anything but routine. After all, there are all sorts of other sinister figures on board the train who are ready to kill for a wide variety of motives. For example, a father was told that the person who threw his little son off a high-rise should sit on the train with him.

Behind it is a psychopath named The Prince, who manipulates him and lures him onto the train. Because the father is part of an elaborate plan to eliminate the crime boss White Death. He, in turn, has hired Lemon and Tangerine, known as "the twins". They are also on board to protect their client's son and the aforementioned suitcase. All hell breaks loose when Mexican gangster Wolf gets on at the first stop and sees Ladybug. Because the psychopath from Central America thinks he sees the murderer of his lover. But behind the crime is another unknown person named The Wespe, who is also on board.

Punctuality as a tensioning motor

Anyone who experiences the Deutsche Bahn may find it hard to believe, but Japanese trains are almost always on time - to the second! The fact that the stop is precisely timed at every point is given to the audience at the beginning of the film a fact because it is immensely important for the narrative. Because every stop becomes a ticking suspense countdown, in which the passing of the seconds provides thrills: Will Ladybug disembark in time before the one-minute stop time is up this time? Or might other threats get on board instead?

Anyway, Leitch cleverly uses his setting and the suspense possibilities that such a narrow and yet rather a long train entails: Things happen in the first class between the prince and the father, of which Ladybug and the twins in the second Class cannot yet suspect anything, while we as an audience have long foreseen that the opposing plans will soon lead to further violent confrontations. In addition to the resulting dramatic tension, which is further increased by a poisonous snake creeping through the train, it is above all the limited space in the narrow compartments that are used very skilfully.

This is where the special strengths of the 87Eleven crew come into their own: The fights, also considering the narrowness of the train, usually turn directly into close combat, with everything being used, from the toilet door to the water bottle, that is somehow within reach for those involved. The strongly staged, at the right moments also relentlessly brutal action has a rousing and wonderfully intense physicality over long stretches. Towards the end there are some larger CGI effects, but "Bullet Train" is easily forgiven for that in view of the previously so effective and intimate fights.

Leitch celebrates extensively how crazy and cool his overexcited opponents are: Tangerine remembers how many people he and Lemon killed just before boarding the train to get the gangster boss Filius they were protecting out of their hands to free his kidnappers. der Killer counts the murders out loud and into the camera during the flashback, while Leitch's brutal sequence is additionally underscored by the hit song "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles" by Engelbert Humperdinck. This is, after all, the official fan anthem of West Ham United football club, of which Tangerine is a fan, according to his phone case. For him, the slaughter is a spectacle like a football party.

The children's series "Thomas the Locomotive" is becoming really important

The fact that the characters repeatedly act in a self-ironic and self-referential manner sometimes changes - and then it becomes annoying to exhausting. Luckily, many of the killer whims also have a background that is important for the story and narrative: When Lemon associates every event and every person with the series he loves "Thomas, the Tank Engine", at some point it's not just his Brother animal annoyed. But then there's a late twist where the attribution of figures and children's series trains suddenly becomes pretty important after all...

Incidentally, the screenplay of the film adaptation of a novel by mystery author Kôtarô Isaka is a surprising strength of "Bullet Train". Yes, it has weaknesses. The explanation given at some point in a half-sentence as to why there are now no regular passengers but only all the killers on board is something you simply have to accept. And it's also a pity that the running gag about a conductor chasing the ticketless Ladybug is eventually dropped without resolution. But aside from such trifles, it's just a pleasure, as it gradually becomes clear why all these gangsters are not quite coincidental on board the train together and feel almost forced to attack each other.

The fact that everyone on board is trimmed a bit too much for self-referential Tarantino coolness is made up for by the numerous stars in addition to the captivating script. Brad Pitt acts under the direction of his longtime stunt double David Leitch, who held the bones for him for many years from "Fight Club" onwards, with infectiously mischievous joy. “The Princess” star Joey King also proves to be a not at all secret scene thief, whose split-second alternation between innocent, frightened schoolgirl and psychopathic string puller still impresses the umpteenth time…

Conclusion: "Bullet Train" is an immensely fun high-speed action ride with Brad Pitt in a brilliant mood, who, along with a few superfluous CGI inserts, can be accused of celebrating his own coolness a little too much.
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