Sita Ramam Movierulz - Watch Sita Ramam 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightSita Ramam Movierulz - Watch Sita Ramam 2022 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Sita Ramam MovierulzDulquer Salmaan star "Sita Ramam" has finally hit the theatres. The movie created a lot of buzz with its trailer and strategic promotions from the film team made more audiences wait for the release of the movie. The songs, the teaser, and the visuals from the trailer look amazing with an interesting cast. Hanu Raghavapudi, who directed this project, is an expert in dealing with love stories. Now let's find out whether this movie is worth watching or not.

Sita Ramam Movierulz - Afreen is given a letter written by Ram for his girlfriend Sita. Afreen, who knows nothing about Ram and Seetha, goes in search of them with the help of Balaji and in the process meets Brigadier Vishnu Sharma, whom Ram had worked with a few years back. When Vishnu Sharma learns that Afrin is looking for Ram, he is shocked and orders his team to bring Afrin to him. Only then will the love story between Ram and Sita be revealed a few years ago and also reveal the truth about their current situation.

Sita Ramam Movierulz - Hanu Raghavapudi impressed everyone with his first film “Andala Rakshasi”. The way love stories are dealt with on screen is always a treat to watch. "Sita Ramam" has some beautiful love scenes and stunning visuals that definitely remind some Mani Ratnam movies as the director himself is a big fan of the cine legend Mani Ratnam. The first half of the movie starts interestingly and slowly develops the story from the past and involves the audience with some beautiful songs and love scenes. However, the film seems to drag a bit in the latter part and many unnecessary elements spoil the experience given to us in the first half.

The interval block definitely leaves the audience guessing a bit more as to how the second half will unfold, but the scenes in the second half do not sustain the excitement created by the first half with some uninteresting and unwanted scenes that spoil the spirit of the film. As far as the overall story and making of the film are concerned, it looks much better compared to the previous films of the director who always hesitated in dealing with the second half of the film.

Emotions are key to this romantic drama and the film succeeds in placing the emotions in the right place to connect with the audience.

Dulquer Salmaan as Ram is so sweet to see on screen. He excels in every role offered to him, if he acts we see the role and not the actor. Mrinal Thakur looked beautiful and acted well in some scenes. Rashmika Mandanna has limited screen time and she doesn't impress much with her performance. It is a pleasure to see Sumanth, who is wasted in many films despite his ability to excel as an actor, doing such roles. Bhumika Chawla, Tarun Bhaskar, Vennela Kishore, and other actors acted well as per the story.

Technically "Sita Ramam" looks great, Vyjayanthi is a master of movie making. We can see that the producers have spent enough money to bring out the best output from the director and the production values ​​are high. The visuals in the movie are amazing, PS Vinod & Shreyas Krishna have done a wonderful job in capturing some beautiful locations and the art department should be congratulated for recreating the 1960s glamour. The music by Vishal Chandrasekhar is lovely. Director Hanu Raghavapudi has succeeded in delivering a beautiful love story with very few twists and turns in the story this time.

Finally, "Sita Ramam" is a visually beautiful painting-like love story that will stay with the audience.


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