Valimai Movierulz - Valimai 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightValimai Movierulz - Valimai 2022 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

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'Valimai' is the second film made by a combination of Tamil star Ajith and talented director H. Vinod. The Telugu dubbed version of the film was released simultaneously with the Tamil title without at least translating the title into Telugu. The teaser, trailer & making videos of the film starring Karthikeyan as the villain has raised huge expectations on the film. Let's see if the movie is on the same level !!

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The youth of the city are addicted to drugs. They join a biker gang for money to buy those drugs. They do chain snatching and murder. At one point these gang antics turn into a headache for the state police. The Police Department hands over the responsibility of curbing the biker gang anarchy to Arjun (Ajit). How did Arjun, himself a biker, stop this gang? So what was the problem he faced? Is the 'Valimai' storyline.

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After the channels, Ajith looks new to the routine characters he plays. His body language as a middle-aged police officer was a plus for the film. Ajith wants to watch this movie at least a couple of times in the theater, even for the action scenes & chasing sequences that he does without any dope.

There is no big kick in the way Karthikeyan's character is established so he looks like a normal villain but has nothing special. Karthikeyan did his part as an actor.

Although Huma Qureshi's character has good scope .. he made unnecessary sentimental scenes with her and cut that character's arc in the middle. The Family & Supporting Character Artists performed well to their extent. 

Technical Group Performance: 

Photographer Nirav Shah should be mentioned first. The way he screens action sequences makes it 'creepy'. It is no exaggeration to say that this level of action blocks has never come before in the history of Indian cinema. The Indian version of 'Mission Impossible' gives the feeling of watching as long as watching the action sequence.

Gibran's background music is said to be the lifeblood of the film. He involved the audience in the film with his own style and typical sound design. Yuvan Shankar Raja songs are soso.

Special thanks to the Production Design & Art Department. It's great to be able to fully understand and study the real biker gang 'Satan Slaves' and present that theme on the screen.

When it comes to director H. Vinod, not only does he analyze in-depth the stories and characters he writes, but also the way he designs the character arcs is a testament to his directing talent. The action scenes & placement he designed for the film were thrilling. Crowds flock to the bus chasing sequence, especially in the second half. However, Mother Sentiment has become a speed breaker for the movie as it is a high-range action drama.

There is not even the slightest damage to the film if that sequence is removed altogether. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The impact created by Fastoff could not continue in the second half. Leaving aside this small minus .. it must be said that Vinod has increased his level as a director.


With the exception of the Mother Sentiment scenes in the second half, 'Valimai' is a movie that goes without a single dal moment. The film is a full meal for Ajith fans but a good experience for the general audience. Overall, Ajith has received another blockbuster. Let's see if producer Bonnie Kapoor announces a sequel to 'Valimai'. Rating: 3/5


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