Crazy Uncles 2021 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightCrazy Uncles 2021 Telugu Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Romantic comedy thriller "Crazy Uncles" starring Sreemukhi, Singer Mano, Bharani, and Raja Ravindra in the lead roles. The film was co-produced by Good Cinema Groups, Green Metro Movies, and Srivas 2 Creatives under the direction of Sattibabu. Let's go into the review again!


These uncles are just as crazy as the movie name ‘Crazy Uncles’. They wandered around a singer named Sweety and were impressed with comedy in some scenes. Singer Mano in particular has done well in comedy scenes to suit her character. She acted well by giving inwardly torn expressions in the coming scenes to face some embarrassing situations that come her way. Also, Raja Ravindra and Bharani were impressed with their acting.

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Sreemukhi, who played a key role, performed well and looked beautiful and impressive. Also looking bold is the highlight of the movie. Hema and Gayatri Bhargavi played the roles of wives. The rest of the cast in the film also performed well in terms of their character range. Another impressive aspect of this film is the message mentioned in the film. Also, the main point of the movie is good.

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The music provided by Raghu Kunche is okay if we talk about the technical department related to this movie. The cinematography work is good. Most of the scenes in the film are beautifully shown by the cameraman. However, if the editor had reduced the slow scenes in the film, it would have been a big plus for the film. Producers Good Friends & Beddu Ashok produced this film without compromising anywhere. Movie production values ​​are very good.

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The main point of the film, which is based on some mistakes made due to the troubles of late age 'Crazy Uncles', some of the comedy scenes and the acting of the actors are impressive. Overall this ‘romantic comedy thriller’ impresses the audience.


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