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 The Suicide Squad is ready for a new sacrifice to save the fate of the world. After the events of Midway City, in fact, Amanda Waller decides to keep the Task Force X project going and thus send the worst DC criminals imprisoned in Belle Reve on missions impossible to certain death, considering them real scraps of society, of insects expendables to play with. The team that decides to send to Corto Maltese Island is made up of old and new acquaintances: there is the irreverent and bewildered Harley Queen, the smug Captain Boomerang, the leader Rick Flag, an anthropomorphic weasel, a computer genius, and more the most important Peacemaker, Bloodsport, Polka-Dot Man, Ratcatcher II and the hilarious and hungry King Shark, voiced in the original by Sylvester Stallone.

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They are the unstable champions of justice selected under duress by Waller to destroy a laboratory on the Island where strange experiments are being held, so risky as to endanger the whole of humanity. As often happens when everything seems too simple, however, the mission turns out to be much more complex than expected, with Task Force X blocked in Corto Maltese and a chain of absurdities and unexpected events that will put a strain on the spirit, patience, and talent of every bad involved in the new, funny, incorrect and spectacular Suicide Mission conceived by the undisputed genius of James Gunn.

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The Suicide Squad and "the new stupid friends"

When the first information came out about the involvement of the author of Guardians of the Galaxy in the cinematic relaunch of the Suicide Squad franchise, everyone's first thought was an approach to his work at Marvel Studios, thinking about a choral cast and a comic base. capable of never taking himself too seriously.

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In front of the vision of the final product, the surprise and the greatest satisfaction is therefore to see how not only The Suicide Squad deviates decisively from the tones and style of the Marvel galactic cousins, but also how every single promise made by James Gunn has been kept. , first of all, that of a substantial rapprochement with the mood and basic concept of comics, which described by the author himself means "that these are superheroes of the bad and of the B series considered disposable by the United States government, sent on missions black-op, the ones that probably won't survive but who cares, are prisoners of shit without who knows what skills. "

Does this seem like a dirty and bad starting point? Well, it is, and yet cynical, irreverent, irreverent, violent. There is in fact a word to collect all these adjectives and it is "freedom". In fact, never before in this film has James Gunn been free to move as he wished in a studio film, and this is because - to quote the good Jai Courtney - "it's as if DC had given him the keys to the kingdom, urging him to do literally the bad or whatever he likes ". And he, willingly accepting, did it. And how he did it.

Forget the dark or indecisive atmospheres of David Ayer's first chapter, because The Suicide Squad - Mission Suicide is a whole other story. Gunn's authorial imprint gives life to one of the best DC fine comics and in general of the entire history of the sub-genre, fortunately, released from a formula too restrictive and compelling to allow a title like this to pave its way to the sound of slaughtered bodies, unscrupulous jokes, moments of insane madness or awareness of middle fingers aimed at everyone.

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The film is at the same time the author's favorite playground and one of the most reckless and damned hilarious film roller coasters in the current panorama because it is made up of many moments capable of making the experience truly unforgettable.

We could cite the entire and unspeakable prologue, the rivalry for leadership between Bloodsport and Peacemaker, the best action scene ever made starring Harley Quinn, or a series of stylistic ideas so grotesque to go around and appear brilliant, unique, truly. out of mind.

The Suicide Squad is James Gunn who takes the imaginary heads of Guardians of the Galaxy and his beloved Troma and forces them to make out as if it were their last day of life, unbridled like Deadpool and yet able to create a story around this encounter. current and narratively punctuated in a phenomenal way, with fast and captivating dialogues, well-structured relationships, and a certain underlying emotion that comes alive above all in the third and final act, where the author brings out the best of his abilities.

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Obviously, there is also a solid soundtrack worked in chisel on the various situations in play and an absolutely brilliant direction of the cast. Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is the best "version" seen in the room so far, while the enhancement of John Cena in the role of Peacemaker, between the dramatic and the impertinent, is the best done so far with the actor - and it is clear why they wanted to write a TV series on it.

In addition to a centered and magnetic interpretation by Idris Elba, what is amazing is how "all these new and stupid friends" manage to get each in their own way a moment of prominence within the film, even those who have a truly marginal space in the mechanics. of the story. King Shark is still the mascot of The Suicide Squad, the character that you will all fall in love with and that you will begin to want as a best friend always by your side; one of those many promises that we said were kept.

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James Gunn has ultimately packaged his most mature, free, complete, and crazy film, one of those titles that perfectly summarizes a filmmaker's ideal of cinema and contains the overwhelming and irrepressible creative and visionary inspiration without too many smudges. of one of the most talented and sought-after directors of his generation, essentially capable of surpassing himself in a continuous game of relaunch, never so proud and smiling in being able to pour himself into one of his projects without excessive filters, thus achieving the acme of his authorship.

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With The Suicide Squad - Mission Suicide, James Gunn packs his most complete and mature film, full of every nuance necessary to elevate it to the Olympus of the best cine comics ever produced and also among the most incorrect, irreverent, and violent. There are spectacular ups and downs of moments and situations between the hilarious and the crazy, where none of the protagonists involved have seat belts and can be said to be safe from a possible departure. Exaggerated, exciting, cynical, funny: The Suicide Squad is the authorial acme of the author of Guardians of the Galaxy, here free to move at will without particular creative constraints and for this reason proud to pour all of himself into a film in which he is the filmmaker's idea of cinema is evident, a visceral cinematic making out between a choral fine comic and a title from Troma. Forget the past: the new Task Force X is dying to surprise you.


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