Watch: Bazaar Rowdy 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Bazaar Rowdy 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Sampoornesh Babu has always worked very well for this film. Best Performance in a Different Incarnation The acting of Shivaji Shinde, Prithvi, and Katti Mahesh is good. The scenes that come between them are very good.

The second half is a bit more meaningful compared to the first half. Some of the comedy scenes are good here and there. The way Sampoornesh is elevated as a rich man is very good.

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It has to be said that film production values ​​don’t matter. The music is so bad, the background music is the same. Although the scenes seemed okay, the costumes made for Sampoornesh Babu were awful. It has to be said that editing is so bad with so many scenes that need to be edited but not done.

When it comes to director Vasantha Nageswara Rao, it has to be said that he was disappointed with the film. It has to be said that an actor like Sampoornesh Babu has not been fully utilized. Not only did he miss the fun angle, but he also misused the actor in him.

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Overall Bazaar Rowdy Cinema Poor Comedy Drama. No matter how hard Sampoornesh Babu tries, the movie is not as impressive as it is silly. It must be said that it definitely spoils the mood of the audience as it is a very dull and silly comedy movie.


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