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copyrightWatch Free Guy 2021 Full Movie Review In 3movierulz

Free Guy The Review Of The Movie With Ryan Reynolds: Video game Madness 

The movie by Shawn Levy dedicated to the world of video games arrives in theaters, a successful mix of action and irony also capable of interesting surprises.

Free City is absolute freedom. Developed and distributed by Soonami, a software house led by the eccentric and arrogant Antwan, the MMO video game is the most played title of the moment, the one on which Twitch streamers spend the most time, the most followed by casual and hard gamers, the one that it would be Fortnite in reality.

It's all very simple: you create your avatar, enter Free City and between missions of various kinds, shootings, explosions, murders and robberies in the GTA, level up until you become unbeatable, building a character that is called OP in the jargon. It's immediate, it's fast, it's fun - everything MMO fans want.

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The paradox, if you like, is that the extreme degree of freedom granted to gamers collides with the imprisoning loop in which the game's NPCs, including Guy, live.

She has a nice house, a best friend, a job at a bank and loves to drink her average coffee, but when she accidentally crosses paths with the avatar of Millie, a former video game developer, her code begins to change and to want to. more, almost to come to life and finally have control of his existence, trying to level up to win the girl's heart. But what is behind Free City? Who is really Guy? But above all: is it possible to have a cappuccino instead of an average coffee?

Video Credit: 20th Century Studios Youtube Channel

Free Guy and free will

It was since 2014 that Shawn Levy had not returned to directing a feature film, to be precise from A Night at the Museum - The Secret of the Pharaoh. More or less constantly involved with the Duffer brothers in the development of Stranger Things on Netflix, the filmmaker over the years has passed over important projects such as the Uncharted movie, opting for something that would involve him. really from a conceptual and human point of view.

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And in convincing him to return to the control room for a feature film, this Free Guy is actually one of those titles that behind a thick summer blockbuster armor actually hides a very big heart and current issues that he tackles with intelligent knowledge of the facts. , without forgetting his own nature and, indeed, embracing it fully and without shame.

Image Credit: 20th Century Studios | Ryan Reynolds | Jodie Comer

This is why it is a light, hilarious and highly entertaining film, full of humor and also a lot of explosive action that Levy manages to pack in his usual non-authorial style but somehow equally recognizable. Formally speaking, Free Guy is a deeply mainstream title that brings together inspirations of various kinds to create a mix of technical and content elements that make it a nice summer surprise, discreet as a whole despite the audacious and intriguing premise turning into another long one. the flow of the film.

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It does not offer many surprises from the point of view of writing, which, net of precise arguments on videogame culture and its use, fails to develop the same as it would like within a narrative fabric that has too much to do with the outline and the context, between ironic or insane moments, fights, chases, shootings.

Image Credit: 20th Century Studios | Ryan Reynolds | Jodie Comer

The characters of Millie and Keys remain centered, in the mouth to which the most interesting and framed dialogues on creation and love for video games are put back. The same concepts that go beyond the sector, however, to reach a ratio of technological evolution that goes beyond the videogame up to Artificial Intelligence.

The credit also goes to the interpretations of Jodie Comer and Joe Keery, who together with an extravagant Taika Waititi form an excellent supporting cast for Ryan Reynolds, who remains - and as always in his films - the pulsating soul of the project.

Image Credit: 20th Century Studios | Ryan Reynolds | Jodie Comer

Her Guy, so light-headed and naive, yet able to grow and mature quickly and with a well-defined purpose in his head, is a character with whom it is difficult not to fall in love and for whom to feel a certain empathy, and this not only thanks to his sympathy and its so joyful and naive aspect but also for what it wants to convey, its historic flight towards freedom.

We do not know how the third and final act could have been before the merger between Fox and Disney, but thanks to the merger of the first company into the second you will find something really exciting towards the end of the film that knows how to combine the best of the cinematic universe. mainstream to a project that, no matter how large and expensive, nevertheless has a not indifferent spirit of originality, which, net of some basic reserves, knows how to give the right pastime promised, even surpassing some expectations.

Image Credit: 20th Century Studios | Ryan Reynolds

Seven years after his last feature film, Shawn Levy is back behind the camera for this successful Free Guy - Hero for Play, a summer blockbuster that blends action, fun and adventure in the best mainstream formula. A little superficiality and too much acceleration in the evolution of the relational dynamics between Guy and Millie and in the finalization of the videogame themes that it puts in place, while still being fairly effective. A film where Ryan Reynolds is always the beating heart of the project, in any case, accompanied by a well-assorted side cast where the talented and very successful Jodie Comer and Joe Keery stand out. A film that even manages to harness the power of a fusion to thrill. But you will have to see it to understand what we are talking about.


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