Narappa 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightNarappa 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

It is expected that Priyamani will play the lead role of Venkatesh in 'Narappa'. But due to Corona Second Wave, Narappa had to be released on Direct OTT and the producers brought the film to the audience through Amazon. This is the biggest movie to be released on Direct OTT after Second Wave. Let's discuss how the movie is streaming on Amazon Prime


The story begins while the Narappa family is fleeing the village. The Narappa family is in big trouble due to several deadly incidents. The film follows the events of the past and the earlier events in Narappa's life. What is Narappa's attempt to protect his family? If you want to know the real reason why Narappa's family fled the village, you have to watch the movie.

Stars on screen‌:

Venkatesh gave life to the role of Narappa. In some scenes, he puts aside the image of a star hero. His costumes and his body language seem to have given life to the character of Narappa. Venkatesh's acting is great in scenes where he strives for family. Venkatesh led the film with the whole story on his shoulders. Karthik Ratnam's performance as Narappa's eldest son is good. Karthik's acting is good in a passionate role to suit the character. Priyamani and Rajiv Kanakala also acted as if they gave life to their roles. Even in the film, they were impressed by the acting to do justice to their characters.

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The talent behind the scenes:

Srikanth Addala, who has directed feel-good movies like "Kotha Bangaru Lokam" and "Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu", is really surprised that Narappa has screened the film. Tamil Asuran did not add a single scene to the film or delete a single scene. But there have been some changes in terms of screenplay. The subject was also slightly changed. In the case of the flashback scenes, he managed to continue the story carefully without controversy.

The music provided by Manisharma is the highlight of the movie. Goosebumps come to the background score in some key sequences like Interval. The cinematography is good. Some of the scenes in the film seem to be stretched. If they were trimmed further the film would have gone at speed.

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Highlight points:

Venkatesh acting,

Background score, cinematography,

Interval‌ and climax,

Emotional content.


'Narappa' is an original remake of Asuran. Filmed as if it exists without additional scenes. Venkatesh was impressed with his performance. The scenes were remade in Telugu without changing them to suit the storyline. Those who watch this movie with an open mind without seeing Asuran will definitely like Narappa.


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