Vakeel Saab 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightVakeel Saab 2021 Telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Movie: Vakeel Saab

Star Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shruthi Hassan, Ananya, Nivetha, Anjali

Director: Sriram Venu

Producer: Dil Raju

Music: S S Thaman

Run Time: 2h 36m

Release Date: April 9th, 2021 Rating: 3.5/5

Power star Pawan Kalyan will be seen on screen again after a gap of almost three years in the movie 'Vakeel Saab'. The film is a remake of the 2016 super hit film Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsi. Let's see to what extent this movie has impressed the Telugu cinema audience as well as the Pawan Kalyan fans.

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K Satyadev (Pawan Kalyan), who is worried that anything should be done for the people, becomes a lawyer to bring justice to the common man. At the same time, Shruti gets married ten times in love with Haasan. After that, he leaves his lawyer career due to some events in life. He leaves and shifts to an area in Hyderabad. Anjali, Nivetha Thomas, and Ananya, who live in the same area, will be jailed for beating up the MP's son and batch and fleeing Nivetha. The MP is reportedly not getting bail for the report. Satyadev, who saw the FIR in Anjali's case, gives them some hints and helps. 

Knowing that the MP wants to scare Satyadev he helped the three girls. Satyadev, who is serious about that, will take up the case. Did he save his client's report by arguing with Nanda (Prakash Raj) in court? Or not? In which of the following cases were Nivetha, Anjali, and Ananya placed? What is the original Satyadev flashback? Why did he leave his favorite law profession? The story of why he took a stand for those three girls who had nothing to do.

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Stars on screen...

Not to mention the on-screen power star Pawan Kalyan's screen presence is the biggest highlight. Pawan Kalyan will surprise the audience by appearing in three different looks like never before. In terms of performance, it is the next level. If all the performances of Pawan Kalyan's films so far have been a success, then his mature performance in Vakeel Saab is simply mind-blowing. The emotional scenes, the college episodes, the heart-wrenching satires while being serious on the court, all these shades thrill the audience. 

Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, and Ananya brought to life the emotional scenes crucial to the film. Especially in the female version of the song ‘Baby Baby’ Nivetha Thomas however makes everyone’s eyes water. Anjali did very well through the strong court scene alone. Prakash Raj's performance as a lawyer competing with Pawan Kalyan is very good. But somewhere Pawan Kalyan feels low before the performance.

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The talent behind the scenes...

Thaman, who was waiting to make music for his favorite hero Pawan Kalyan's movie, got Vakeel Saab, just like the hungry lion hunt. Thaman put his life into action. Everyone knows how big a hit the songs are, but after watching the movie he talks more about the background music than the songs. He took every scene to the next level with music. Especially for the second-half court scenes, however, the PS Vinod visuals are also amazing. Pawan Kalyan was superb in three different looks to satisfy the hunger of the fans. Praveen Pudi's editing is also good. Some of the fight sequences attached to Telugu are very well designed. Interval fight and toilet fight scenes, in particular, give the audience a high feel.

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Everyone loves the changes and additions made by Venu Sri Ram for the Telugu audience. How Pawan Kalyan's character is established without any damage to the original story is very good. Praise him in this matter. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally in the first half of the second half. Can't remember anything except the second half by the time the movie is over. While Venu Sriram is showing his favorite hero Pawan Kalyan to himself, the fans, and the movie audience, without going sideways from the story, he once again introduced the actor in Pawan Kalyan to the audience and seemed to wow. Especially the way the elements of Janasena in many places are perfectly combined in the scenes is superb. Dil Raju - Boni Kapoor Production values ​​are good.

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Vakeel Saab Movie Plus Points:

- Pawan Kalyan Mind-Blowing Performance

- Exciting second half

- Courtroom Scenes

- Emotional connection

- Interval and climax

- Action Scenes


‘Vakeel Saab’ is like a wonderful dinner for the fans of Power Star Pawan Kalyan who have been hungry for three years. While inventing a new dimension in Pawan Kalyan as an actor, he has given a vintage feel to the fans in looks. The Vakeel Saab movie has mass audiences whistling fights and elevations, an emotional touch that connects family and class audiences, and satirical dialogues that bring smiles on the pace. Not only Pawan Kalyan fans, but every single movie fan will also come out with the feeling that the movie is better than the original with the additions.


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