Watch Army of the Dead 2021 Hollywood Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch Army of the Dead 2021 Hollywood Full Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Never heard of any other film re-released by a studio under pressure from a technician's fans and that too under the name of the director's version. Four years after 'Justice League 'Justice League Snyder Cut' was released and right after that Netflix released 'Army of the Dead'. Netflix loves big names. And, now even these big-name stars have understood this. They contract three or three films with Netflix. 

They make a film of some kind and the other two stick it. Here companies like Dharmatic and Red Chillies are doing this work, where Zack Snyder is in this mode. In the background in which the film 'Army of the Dead' is made, the work of a series has also started on the same.

The film 'Army of the Dead' is a cinema of bloodshed, noise, and piles of corpses. 15 years ago, audiences saw so much blood on the big screen for the first time in Zack Snyder's film '300'. The film was also made well, but Jack fell in love with the technology, not the story. If you watch the film 'Army of the Dead' carefully here, you will see only one or two faces in each frame. Apart from writing and directing the film, Jack has also shot himself. He found some lenses with which the camera could blur (out of focus) everything immediately behind the object, place, or person in focus. The director narrates the story in a film, but Zack Snyder, who has become obsessed with technology, has paid the least attention to the novelty of the story in the film 'Army of the Dead'.

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This is the story of the time when zombies have been driven out and confined to a city. A fence of containers has been put around the city. It was decided that by dropping an atomic bomb, the city should be demolished with the zombies. And, against this backdrop, the hero of the story gets a task. Hero has a long history of fighting zombies. He has a chance to spend the rest of his life comfortably. The task is to go to a city full of zombies and take out the immense wealth kept in the basement of a casino. Hero builds his team. The formation of this team of 'Ocean's Eleven' type all-rounders and later the film 'Army of the Dead' will sometimes remind you of 'Plain of the Apes' and sometimes of some other film. If there is something original, it is just that zombies are now becoming animals and zombies have started thinking.

In the film 'Army of the Dead', Zack Snyder has tried to go beyond all limits of gruesomeness. His 'Bhakt' fans may also like this film, but you may have to be disappointed if you expect two and a half hours of entertainment from this film. The opening of the film is strong. The idea is awesome too. But when Zack Snyder starts taking the film as a video game, it starts breaking with the audience. Their attempt to make the film a father-daughter emotional drama fails because the film's hero has got the chance to show his heroism. A good script could have been woven into this story without his intervention, and the film also tells Snyder that he must break out of himself. The world cannot be changed every time by insistence.

Technically, Zack Snyder has tried to give the film an infinite scope but it is meaningless to expect too much from the cast in such a backdrop. Dave still tried his best to handle things. The rest of the actors have also tried their best but the rest of the things in the film distract so much that even good actors are not able to show their acting openly. Tom Halkenborg has done good experiments in the background music of the film. But, the film's editor, Doddy Dorn, should have wrapped up the film within two hours. If you are a die-hard fan of Zack Snyder, then this is the movie for you, otherwise, the film '99 Songs' released on Netflix is ​​a far better film for the weekend.


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