IIT Krishnamurthy Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightIIT Krishnamurthy Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release Date: December 10th,2020 Rating: 2/5

Cast: Prudhvi Dandamudi, Maira Doshi, Anand, Vinay Verma, Banerjee, Satya Akkala

Directed by: Sreevardhan

Producer: Prasad Nekuri

Music Director: Naresh Kumaran

In line with the continuation of many interesting OTT web series as well as reviews of movies being released digitally, Amazon Prime Video has come up with the latest digital release of the movie "IIT Krishnamurthy".

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Krishnamurthy (Pridvi) comes to Hyderabad in search of his uncle. When he arrives he also gives police compliant on his missing but unexpectedly finds out that Krishnamurthy had also done his cremation over his uncle's death. But do not believe that all this is something suspicious. In an attempt to find out what the real truth is, he discovers that a large company is also involved. And what is the connection to all this? How did his uncle die? The real story is what happened to this mystery to Lost.

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Plus points:

Planned as a crime thriller, the film is, to put it mildly, well. It feels great, especially in the climax. As well as a few other scenes it is well elevated. Vinay Verma, who also appeared in a pivotal role, gave a good outing.

Comedian Satya also impressed with his role limit and good timing. Also the heroine Myra Doshi did well to the extent of her character range even though she had less space. Yet another senior actor Banerjee can be said to have impressed with his good role in this film too after a long time.

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Minus points:

First of all the biggest minus point in this movie is that it is a boring narration. It seems as if any of the movies that usually have such a backdrop are put aside as important. With this, it seems that the movie has gone on without appearing original.

Also, some investigation scenes do not seem so impressive. And there is another minus point which is not to say that it is the main lead Pridvi role in this movie. Although he looks okay in terms of looks and performance in his role, a similar character in the original story seems like a minus.

The way it was designed was not really good. As well as being a movie slog, its romantic angle is also unimpressive. As well as logics though needless to say for them. It must be said that these are all very irritating things.

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Technical Category:

The production values ​​in this film are good but the set work seen in some of the scenes is good. Also, the cinematography feels decent. The music is not great but the background score is okay. Also, the editing has to be even better. A good out foot would have come if the film had been cut to a great extent.

As far as the director is concerned, Srivardhan's idea is good but he has failed miserably to screen it on screen. The narrative should be interesting when choosing such a backdrop but such a main element is missed. Also, the screenplay does not seem to care about anything but logic.


On the whole, IIT Krishna Murthy was not completely impressed. No matter how interesting the story, the over-slogged narration misses the main soul. Also, some interesting scenes that seem okay in the second half are nothing big in this crime thriller except for the climax part.


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