Middle Class Melodies Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightMiddle Class Melodies Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Release Date: November 20th,2020 Rating: 3/5

Lead Cast: Anand Devarakonda, Varsha Bollamma

Director: Vinod Anantoju

Music Director: Seyker Agastya

Screenplay: Vinod Anantoju

Producer: Venigalla Ananda Prasad

Anand Devarakonda's latest film "Middle-Class Melodies" is the hero. The Telugu family comedy-drama was released on Amazon Prime. Anand Devarakonda and Varsha Bollamma played the lead roles in the film. Let's go to the review of the full family entertainer and how much the audience has been impressed!

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Story :

The Raghava family runs a small hotel in the village. Raghava has been dreaming of running a new hotel in Guntur since he was a child and making it a success. In the meanwhile his trees Sandhya Love Interest will be from school days. But in order for their love to be successful, Raghava has to make a profit from the hotel losses in Guntur. And how did Raghava make his hotel a success? Raghava - What are the issues encountered in Sandhya Love Story? Are they finally alone? Or not? But how did it happen? Is the rest of the story.

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Plus Points :

Anand Devarakonda, who appeared in the lead roles in the film, actor Goparaju Ramana and Varsha Bollamma, who played his father's role, is the special attraction of the film with their performance. Comedy scenes in the film Similarly, the hero hotel business is in the circle of problems with unexpected events The scenes that they try to escape from the problems are very pleasing.

Anand Devarakonda has done well in those scenes. Especially in the chasing scenes in the second half. In another love story, actor Chaitanya Garikapati, who played the jatakas madness, also acted as a confidant. Especially the second love story journey is impressive. Actors who appeared in other key roles also laughed with their comedy timing. The director has taken a very good turn as well as small roles in the story. Comedy content is highlighted in the film. The rest of the actors have done well in the scope of their role.

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Minus Points:

Director Vinod Anantoju has many characters in the film and has a lot of plot points and good fun Some scenes were slowly run. Some scenes in the first half of the main are slow and boring. The director also took a long time to introduce the characters in the film in the first half.

Similarly, with the old-fashioned misunderstood comedy, we have already seen such comedy in many films. But the audience will laugh many times in the film. The emotional content between the heroine and her father is also likely to be better elevated The director ended the content as simple.

Technical Department :

In the case of the technical department, The director has done some comedy scenes as well as the content of the climax. The background score provided by Agastya is very good. His songs were also very impressive. Cinematography is also a plus for the film. The cameraman has shot many scenes in the film very beautiful. Editing is also good. The producer has produced the film without any compromise. The construction values are very good.

Verdict :

The Telugu family comedy-drama, which comes as middle-class melodies, is fun and impressed with some good elements. But the director has run the film as entertainment Some scenes were slowly run. Some scenes in a sequence in the first half of the first half are slow. But actor and Varsha Bollamma, who played his father's role, was very impressed with their performance in the film. There is no doubt that the audience will laugh at this film. The director said that the director is very entertaining to settle in a hotel with his own.


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