Durgamathi Bollywood Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyright Durgamathi Bollywood Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Cast: Bhumi Pednekar,Arshad Warsi , Jisshu Sengupta, Mahie Gill

Directed by: G. Ashok

Producer: Vikram Malhotra, Bhushan Kumar, Akshay Kumar, Krishan Kumar

Cinematography: Kuldeep Mamania

In line with the continuation of many interesting OTT web series as well as reviews of movies being released digitally, Amazon Prime Video has come up with a digital release of the latest Bollywood movie "Durgamathi".

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Plus points:

Speaking of the role that made the land in the first place, it must be said that she made this film in an attempt to stand up for her supporting forces. Two different variations. Confident acting appears in her in a few other scenes as well.

Jesse Sen Gupta, who has played other key roles as well, has done full justice to his role and Arshad Warsi can say that he is okay with his role. Yet many of the horror backdrop scenes shown in the film as well as the climax twist but seem to be handled decently. Also, the background score and VFX are good assets in this film.

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Minus points:

And when it comes to flossing in this movie, it looks a lot like that. The error in casting is very obvious though. Also, some of the actors should have gotten better performances. Especially from the role of constable played by Dhanraj in Telugu to the role of the main villain in the casting is not original.

Also, the storyline designed on Ishwar Prasad seems to have no real relevance. With this, his role does not seem to have actually gone interesting. Another big drawback is that the main lead is not getting the right performance from Land Pednecker. Although she is a good talent, it seems that the director is not able to get Anushka Range acting from her.

It will make the Telugu audience smell seeing the Hindi trailer of this movie. With this, her role will be the same as that of Soso. A remake movie means the performances should definitely be outstanding but the same was missed. And yet some scenes feel like an unnecessary effort, as well as the suspense factor, is not so well elevated. These are all annoying things.

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Technical Category:

As mentioned earlier the background score and visuals in this film are pretty impressive. In these terms, however, the construction values ​​are good. But some of the emotions as well as the screenplay didn’t work out so well.

And when it comes to director Ashok, it has failed in terms of remakes. His failures include carelessness in casting, carelessness in not handling yet strong, error in proper narration except for the last 20 minutes alone as well as in not making the story interesting.


On the whole, it should be said that this "Durgamathi" which was screened in Hindi as a remake of "Bhagamati" was not received. A remake is definitely meant to be a little more beautifully screened as opposed to the originality but it did not appear with the work of director Ashok. Except for the climax and the visuals as well as the music, there are not many impressive elements in the film. Those who have not seen it in Telugu can see Osari but for those who have already seen it, this movie is unnecessary.


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