Watch: Guvva Gorinka Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightWatch: Guvva Gorinka Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Directed by: Mohan Bammidi

Cast: Satyadev Kancharana, Priyaa Lal

Producer: B. Jeevan Reddy, Kosanam Damu Reddy

Music Director: Bobbili Suresh

Release Date: December 17, 2020 Rating: 2.5/5

Guvva Gorinka has been released digitally on the Amazon Prime app as the latest in a series of interesting OTT web series as well as reviews of movies being released digitally. And now let's find out how this movie looks in the review.

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Sadanand is a mechanical engineer, always trying to find a vehicle that does not sound. Heroine Sirisha prepares in Hyderabad to master her musical instruments. However, the acquaintance of the two, who live in adjoining flats, goes from quarrels to friendship without looking at each other. Did these two with two other goals finally meet? The real story is what their goals were.

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Plus points:

First of all, when it comes to hero Satyadev, this talented hero who is just coming into the limelight will impress with his performance in this movie too. Satyadev's performance is also seen in the climax.

Yet his perfect dialogue delivery also appears in the film. Yet the heroine Priya did full justice to her role. Looks simple and neat in a role designed for him. Comedian Priyadarshi once again impresses with his comedy timing in the film. Also, the climax investigation drama feels interesting in this film.

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Minus points:

And when it comes to the minus points in this film, the biggest backdrop in this film is that it lacks any novelty. No longer does the whole of the first half seems original on a large notable scale. It's a test of our patience. And the story designed by the two in the main lead also feels very silly.

Also, the original comedy tracks are very bad. There is no big comedy workout anywhere in this movie except for a few. Priyadarshi has tried something with Rahul Ramakrishna as well but they do not really help to bring interest in the film. Also, the original logic does not appear in the track that falls in Main Lead Love. There are many more...

No sense in telling you now - I don't wanna ruin the surprise. Except for the last ten minutes, there is no interesting narration or emotion in the film. Also, a lot of unnecessary elements seem to have pushed the main theme aside. All this is a big plus for this film.

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Technical Department:

Suresh Bobbili, who composed the music for the film, provided decent work. With his background score, he was able to show many scenes more impactfully. Also, the art department work of this movie as well as the dialogues and lyrics are good. But the editing work was not good at all and it would have been nice if the film had been cut well.

And when it comes to director Mohan Bambidi, it has to be said that he has not been entirely successful in showing what he is supposed to do. The direction was good but they could not show any impact in the story. Yet as well as in the first half of the film however the story is not made really interesting. Also, the proper episodes were not written even between the main lead.


On the whole, Guvva Gorinka movie has a lot of silly points, unimpressive emotions, and a lot of missed logic. But with the exception of Satyadev’s sincere acting as well as the last climax episode there is nothing big to say in this film.


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