Gal Gadot: Wonder Woman 1984 you have to keep hope and keep the love - 3Movierulz

copyrightGal Gadot: Wonder Woman 1984 you have to keep hope and keep the love - 3Movierulz

Following the success of 'Wonder Woman' (2017), Patty Jenkins resumes the adventures of Wonder Woman from DC Comics. New threats. New villains. New era. Already in cinemas!

Have you ever been to see Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 1984 in theaters? If so, you'll know that, for a superhero movie, it's pretty atypical. Its director - who also took care of Wonder Woman of Warner Bros. and DC - has taken advantage of Diana's return to deal with such honed topics as selfishness, greed, and temptation, and her message about the need for love, altruism, and dedication are much more timely in a year marked by COVID-19. In our interviews, we asked your team about what we can learn from this second part in such a difficult 2020. And there's also action and epic. New threats. New villains. New era.

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"I think there's a lot of selfishness and bad choices that have caused a lot of the problems we're dealing with right now," says Jenkins, who stresses the courage to draw the power we all carry inside and to use our gifts - which we all have - with each other while caring for our neighbor. "Diana is... a selfless heroine trying to be an example of bravery. I hope that's something Diana can teach the world: love and courage."

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"The reactions the film is generating have been incredible and I think, as I've been talking to people, a lot of [people] are talking about the message of hope and love that the film provides. And that, yes, we're in a very difficult time right now... And... love can heal. And kindness can heal," says Kristen Wiig, who brings to life Barbara Ann Minerva, the Rider's first friend, and then, due to circumstances, we prefer to keep, her enemy as the deadly and powerful Cheetah. "It sounds very simple to say, but I really think the film makes us understand it very well and I think it's a welcome message right now."

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/Wonder Woman 1984

Perhaps the best answer, because of his conciseness and for his draft, is that offered by Gal Gadot: "We must maintain hope and maintain love. I think that's what Wonder Woman is all about."

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Scripted by Patty Jenkins, Geoff Johns, and Dave Callaham, Wonder Woman 1984, for which you can now buy your tickets, resume the life of Diana Prince, dc's heroine, in solitude and semi-hide after the pain caused by the tragedies of the past. He misses Steve Trevor very much, barely has a social life, and tries to protect his anonymity despite occasionally helping those in danger. But when her great love mysteriously resurrects, Wonder Woman is tying up corporals and suspicion of businessman Maxwell Lord. Although this won't be the only enemy he faces. In case you haven't seen it, right below you can see its official trailer:


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