Monster Hunter suffers on Steam for a joke from the movie - 3Movierulz

copyrightMonster Hunter suffers on Steam for a joke from the movie - 3Movierulz

Just yesterday we told you that the real-life Monster Hunter movie has been banned from Chinese cinemas for a controversial joke during the footage that had racist connotations. This fact has led to a good economic blow and calls for more boycotts by the Chinese audience ... and although Constantin Film has apologized, the situation has not been long in splashing the Monster Hunter World game on Steam, a product that does not it has nothing to do with the tape. But we already know that the staff takes things with surprising "energy" ...

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The first thing Capcom did was to disengage and assert that the game team has nothing to do with the movie, something that is more than obvious. Following the critical effect among the people, Constantin Film has issued a statement to apologize for what happened:

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"We sincerely apologize to the Chinese public for the phrase that appears in one of the opening scenes of Monster Hunter. It was not made with the intention of discriminating, insulting, or offending any inhabitant of China. Constantin Film has taken note and removed the phrase that has led to this misunderstanding that we did not expect ".

However, and as we say, in Monster Hunter World, people have been aggressive in the comments. We remind you that the game has been with us for several years and that the film has nothing to do with the general development of the saga.

Source: Deadline


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