Dirty Hari telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

copyrightDirty Hari telugu Movie Review In 3Movierulz

Release date: December 18, 2020

Director:  MS Raju

Starring:  Shravan Reddy, Ruhani Sharma, Simrat Kaur, Surekha Vani, Jabardast Mahesh

Producers:  Guduru Sateesh Babu, Guduru Sai Puneeth

Music Director:  Mark K Robin Rating: 3/5

In order to continue with many interesting OTT web series as well as reviews of digitally releasing movies, Friday movies, the latest film "Dirty Hari" has come up with a digital release in the latest ATT app. Let's see how this bold attention directed by famous producer MS Raju is now in review.

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Story :

Hari comes to Hyderabad to make many dreams come true. So there he falls in love with a girl named Vasudha. But his lover is attracted to seeing Jasmine, who is his brother's girlfriend. And what is this new angle that this new angle takes? What kind of problems Hari faced with these relationships? How he has been involved in these relationships is to know how he has been involved in this film.

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Plus Points :

The first thing to talk about in the film is that the director of the film is MS Raju. This bold attendance is a disciplinary director who has been a producer in Telugu for many years. Today's audience has also been established stylishly with very smooth and good content. Besides, a good romantic angle has shown some bold scenes very well. Besides, the way good emotions and vulgarity are also shown to be good.

There is another major asset that is the performance of the actors. All three of the main cast have given their best. Young hero Shravan Reddy made his role impressive in the film very settled. His looks and dialogue delivery along with his performance is a plus for the film. Another heroine Ruhani Sharma has done as well as the role she has and has brought a good scope to the role designed to suit the story.

Young heroine Simrat Kaur has given another major highlight performance in the film. It can be said that he has proved why he has accepted the film by sticking to the theory that he believes. In a very bold role, he appears in the film. The director has put his hundred percent front for the designed role. Simrat is impressive with his performance in bold scenes. Along with these, the climax episode in the film is designed to be a good impression. Actress Surekha Vani has also done a good performance in her role.

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Minus Points:

The film is well connected to today's generation of youth, but there are many such things but there are some things that seem to be a bit slow. It is also seen in the second half. And just some script line seems to be very routine. It does not seem to be so new.

The cipher episodes shown in the film are also seen in many movies. It would have been better if the end of the film was better. In addition, Ruhani Sharma appeared in another key role and the scope of the role seems to be reduced. She would have liked to have added more scenes.

Technical Department :

The film is specially mentioned for production values. The highest values appear in each visual and listening image. The makers have not compromised in this regard. Camera work or artwork is very good. Dialogues and songs as well as background score are also good impressive. Editing is decent but it would have been better if some places covered slow narration.

As far as director MS Raju is concerned, he has tried to tell the experience as before. But even though the line is old, the way it has been unveiled is special and thrills with stylish making. Good performances from the actors. Also, the boldness of the film has also been well-maintained and good output.

Verdict :

If you look at the whole thing, this bold attendee "Dirty Hari" should tell you a good thrilling bold experience. The actors' impressive performances, as well as impressive drama, bold scenes production values, and climax, are impressive, but the slow story and routine lines are aside, this bold attendee provided by MS Raju gives a good experience to the audience.


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