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The film often gives you only the positions that can disappear if you stay away for ‎‎ ‎‎a‎‎short time. Every face will be replaced quickly. All vacancies will be filled, whether inadvertently or unintentionally. Only the talent and the head together win the silver screen... ‎ ‎

Urvashi has been active in films for more than four decades. They are constantly amazed by the change of the film, not the interest of the characters they have done before. The popularity created by the pillow mantra, the love of the golden egg-laying duck, the musk of the Vishnu world, and the sulochana of the mithuna is continuous, and the new age is a new age, and the new lyrics are being taken to heights. 

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OTT during the Cowid period. Urvashi made her role splendid in all the three films that were on display on the platform. The star clapped her hands with her natural performances in the middle-aged Jairam-Urvashi team's 'Putham Puthu Kalai', Surya's 'Akashame Haddhu Ra' and 'Ammoru Thalli' who had made social criticism in the humorous escort. Urvashi talks about the hat-trick in the film.‎

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Let's start talking about the joy that the film gave during the Coed days.‎ ‎

Despite the Covid problems, the good words from the film can give a lot of happiness to the mind. It is a coincidence that all three films were on display almost simultaneously. It has been more than a year since I completed the shooting and dubbing of Surarai Potter. Ammoru Thalli is a film that is set to release in March-April. Both the films were meant to be released in theatres. But things changed. Puthampudukalai is a film shot during the Covid era. 

At first, I was skeptical about how much it would reach the audience when the film was released on the OTT platform. But since the night of release, the calls of appreciation have begun. Many of the old acquaintances called for the number. Everyone who watched the film shared the worry that they couldn't see it in the theater. Another kind of good sign. The audience's words are not afraid to shrink the film in doorsteps even when OTT is active.‎

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Unlike the early days, do you focus more on the choice of characters today?‎ ‎

Those who see the film as a profession cannot make any big choices. You will have to cooperate with many films as part of your work. But I always ask about the role to be played and the importance of the story. Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada are all very careful to reach without breaks. The full script was received a year before the Akashame Haddhu Ra. I came to the film scene at a young age. I have been able to do many roles that are in the minds of the audience. He played the central role in many stories. Beyond the attention of the choice of characters, there seems to be a special consideration from God in many respects.‎

‎There are some mannerisms that Urvashi gives to many roles: staring, stirring, meaningful sighs, upstands on speech... Are these self-styled decorations for the perfection of the character?‎ ‎

Once you understand the storyline and the character's style, things will be easier. Some moves in some cases are natural. It is never conscious, and it cannot be explained if you ask how it happened. Working with a team I know and know symptoms will get special energy. Few directors say that the characters have something special. I ask if it's better to behave like this in some scenes. When you stand in front of the camera, you try your best to make your role better, and when you develop good chemistry with your actors, many things come naturally. Achu's mother enjoyed all the English-speaking scenes with Meera.‎

Urvashi's characters, full of mischievous, hilly, and mischievous, are still on youtube. Have you ever had any preparations to play such characters?‎ ‎

Born and raised in a joint family. Father and my sister sat together. There's a big crowd all the time. The arrival and the arrival of relatives are everyday sights. The moods of the average Malayali had reached me as a child. When I read about many characters in the film, I would have a face to relate to. That's how the pillow mantra is strong. Strange characters were rarely received. On all such occasions, directors and writers were asked more about the role.‎

The film is going through many changes. What about filming when you join the new generation?

‎ ‎Most of the newcomers who come to the film scene today are very talented. When I went to the movies, I only saw Doordarshan. Today, children are being reached through many channel shows and stage performances without any congregational companions. The directors and the adults in the film were treated like teachers in the past. Today, most of the filming is going through friendship. That's good, it's not bad. I enjoyed and loved the film then and now.‎ ‎

When women's groups are rising inside Malayalam cinema and there are explosions within the organization, does Urvashi's voice not hear anything?‎ 

Women's organizations and related information are being known through the media. I have neither spoken to anyone on the subject nor have I been told anything. It is good to have organizations to uplift women and to be their voice. I know about the activities of the star-studded mother. Many deserving people are getting great help through the organization. The new organizations should not be destroyed by an organization like a mother.‎


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