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Middle-Class Melodies OTT starring Anand Devarakonda has become a hit movie in the world. The movie, which was supposed to be released in theaters, was accidentally released on Amazon during the Corona era. The film unit is currently sharing their happiness with the film with a series of interviews in response to the film. In a recent exclusive interview with Filmibeat, hero Anand Devarakonda spoke about some things.

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Anand Devarakonda said that some of his elder brother's friends came home for Diwali and we celebrated it very cool without much sound. Talking about middle-class melodies, I played the role of Raghava in this movie. Set in a Guntur background, the film opens with real family emotions. Born into a family that runs a tiffin center in a small village, Raghava wants the Guntur center to be a big tiffin center anyway.

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What happens next is not the main plot of the movie. There are many more. Along with family emotions, love track, friendship, superstitions .. everything in the middle class was shown like this. Hence the title Middle-Class Melodies. I have a reason to connect to this movie. I know a lot about the experiences of being in the middle class. Middle-class lives want to climb one step immediately after another. Life goes on with those hopes and dreams all the time. I also came from similar circumstances. I was a bit connected because that point was in this movie. Common point food for bridal looks and middle-class melodies. Family emotions are very natural in this movie. Anand explained that the film will definitely attract everyone.


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