Anaganaga O Athidhi Movie Review in 3Movierulz

copyrightAnaganaga O Athidhi Movie Review in 3Movierulz

Release Date: November 20th,2020 Rating: 2.5/5

Lead Cast: Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna, and others

Director: Dayal Padmanabhan

Author: Dayal Padmanabhan

Music Director: Arol Correlli

Cinematography: Rakesh B.

Payal Rajput and Chaitanya Krishna are the main characters of the film 'Anaganaga O Guest'. Director Dayal Padmanabhan, who directed award-winning movies in the Kannada film industry, is the first film to be directed in Telugu. The film is being released on November 20 on the Telugu OTT platform 'Aha'. The film was pre-previewed in the thriller genre. Let's go to the review and see how much the audience has been impressed

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Story :

Mallika (Payal Rajput) suffers from family poverty. The story revolves around the situation spawned by the jotishya to overcome their difficulties and the guest Srinivas (Chaitanya Krishna) who came into their life. How did these characters finally end up pointing to greed, passion, and greed? What is the relationship between Srinivas and Payal family? is the rest of the story.

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Plus Points :

The main character in the film is The role of Mallika The track of the character The rest of the characters that are tied to the character The point of view of those characters The film 'Anagana ga A Athiti' was a different film. Especially the suspense scenes and twists and emotions in the second half are a special attraction for the film. Payal Rajput, who played the main lead in the film, is in the role of his character Impressed with her acting. The Main is the role of Chaitanya in the role of the film And her despair demise about her poor life are very good.

Dayal Padmanabhan in the heroine point of view from a new angle tried to make the film interesting. Taking such a suspense thriller concept... It is not words to make it an introduction on the screen. But Dayal Padmanabhan has done a good directorial performance. The film was made a different film from regular films. The movie concept is connected to everyone who has destroyed lives with the hope of money. Chaitanya, who acted as a hero, also acted well. The rest of the actors also acted well in the scope of their roles.

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Minus Points:

Some of the scenes in the first half are very slow, as well as the screenplay in the full suspense point of view without elaborate the main confluence Main characters are not connected properly, in addition to the overbuilder given to Payal character Payal's serious looks Finally, when the main twist is revealed in the climax, the above is not compatible with the above elements.

But the director's work is interesting in the film... Similarly, his concept, flashback scenes, and climax scenes are good The story is very slow The film may not be fully connected to the audience who have a mindset of regular films that are only committed to commercial films. In addition, the first part of the story is not understood and some places are boring.

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Technical Department :

In the case of the technical department Director, Dayal Padmanabhan shot-making and his vision are very good. In terms of the quality of the film, he should definitely appreciate his talent. Despite budget restrictions, He has screened the film to be completely impressive in the film. Cameraman Rakesh B. Camera performance is very good in some key scenes. His camera eye is a big plus for the film. Music director Arol Corelli's music is okay. But it would have been better if the background music was given to the overall film with the scene mood. The production values of the producer in the film have reduced the level of the film There is no feeling anywhere.

Verdict :

The film is a suspense thriller with a variety of content and some of the key scenes in the second half are in the main theme and some thrilling elements. However, some scenes in the first half are boring, commercial elements are not very big, such as draw bags for the film. But, Dayal Padmanabhan's direction and his senior attendance are impressive. Overall, this 'film' will like the audience who want to be new. But as mentioned earlier The film does not impress the audience with the mindset of regular films that are only for commercial films.


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